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Among the 2%

For as long as I can remember, I have had the privilege of being inspired over and over again by the entrepreneurs in my life.

They seemed to always be working, but it was never really perceived as a bad thing. As a kid, I got to join in on the fun! I picked up wood scraps in my grandpa’s shop, painted crafts with my mom and helped my aunts polish jewelry for their shop. A part of me always knew that I would live an entrepreneurial lifestyle, but as is typical with anything that I do, I wanted to do it in my own way.

I fought the idea for quite a while in college and for several years after, while I ran my business on the side I often thought about how much “easier” it would be to “just work for someone else.” I quickly realized that would not be the case for me, I had bigger dreams to follow. 

While attending the Rise Conference by Rachel Hollis this past July, she mentioned a statistic that buried itself somewhere deep in my soul. She said:

“Less than 2% of women-owned businesses break the $1 million mark in revenue.”

My immediate reaction?

watch me

I later learned that this statistic came from a 2015 Forbes article and is actually a bit higher of a percentage now, but the sentiment still rings true. As entrepreneurs we all have our reasons for doing what we do. We all have our “why’s”. But there is just something about a huge, lofty goal that helps keep my motivation going. Especially on the hard days.

Let’s face it, this lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. Entrepreneurs are often faced with tackling new challenges on a daily basis, learning new skill sets, the ups and downs of income flows, the constant nagging in your mind that you should be doing more – and this list doesn’t even go into the emotional struggles such as imposter syndrome, fear of unhappy clients, etc… Being an entrepreneur is rough and it can often be lonely. Not everyone understands why you work as hard as you do, but you know in your heart that you are called to do the hard work in order to achieve the big rewards.

I recently printed this 2% sign and hung it outside my home office door as a reminder of this statistic. Everytime I walk past it, no matter how exhausted or burnt out I am, I feel a surge of energy. THIS is what I am working towards! To break the glass ceiling, to do something that has never been done before (or at least do it in my own way), to keep pushing day in and day out. And you know what? I’m not naive, it is going to be REALLY hard! There is a reason that 2% number is so low, this isn’t the road for everyone and not everyone can make it to the top, but I know that what I bring to the table is special.

I may not do it right every day. I may not get the amazing results every month that I was hoping for. But I dang sure am going to stand back up and try again – and again – and again – and again! I’ve come to the realization that being a great entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you do everything “right” all of the time, but it does mean that you never stop trying.

So here I am, calling my shot – I will one day be among the 2%. I have a LONG way to go and a lot of work ahead of me, but I was made for this. Some days are hard, but I am tough. Some weeks are long, but I strive for balance. Some months are full of ups and downs, but I know how to stand back up over and over again. 

Entrepreneurs, go ahead, call your ridiculous shot, even if you are the only one who truly understands it. YOU hold the power and strength to stand among the 2%.

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