brand audit worksheet

Brand Audit Worksheet

Now is the time to stop wasting your precious time and hard earned money on marketing efforts that are getting you nowhere. There 100% is a time and place for marketing, but you have to jog before you run and at times during the marathon, you need to slow your pace and re-evaluate the plan to get to the finish line. Take a second and think – is it time for me to re-evaluate?

Just like you go to the doctor for a checkup – your brand needs a wellness exam too, and maybe throw in a spa day for good measure! 🙂 This is NOT a bad thing! This means that you are aware of the fact that your company is changing and growing (sometimes at a very fast pace) and maybe that your ideal clientele is changing, growing up, wanting more, etc…

But how do we fix this problem right? It’s easy! Download this quick and easy freebie to Find Your Brand’s Soul Again!

In the PDF I will guide you through a simple 3 part process to re-discover who your brand is and give you a few tips on how to evaluate what you are putting out there to make sure it is in alignment with your voice and aesthetic.

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