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What lights your heart on fire?

I’m going to talk about a topic that is weighing heavily on my mind and one that I KNOW has a major effect on not only small business owners but everyone out there “adulting”.

Let’s get real for a second, it’s not easy! However, I feel that for some crazy reason we were all taught to find the perfect way to “do life” and stick with it. I’m calling BS! It’s a myth! Break the cycle please and do not teach your children this!

If you are like me – well, the old me – you find yourself at the end of the week thinking “What the heck just happened? What did I even do this week? It was such a blur – am I even making any progress in my life?”. Trust me I’ve been there and until I became AWARE of what I was actually spending my valuable time on, I continued down that never ending spiral. I know as business owners we often spend so much time working FOR our business – wearing all the hats from shipping manager to CPA to plumber – that we really struggle with taking the time to work ON our business. Shoot! I’m a web designer who hasn’t updated her own website in years! 


I want for each of you to take an hour this month and remind yourself why you are here. 

  • Did you develop a product because you saw a need in the market and you KNOW 100% that it can make a difference for your buyers? 
  • Did you start your non-profit because you can’t go another day seeing others suffer in a way that you could prevent – even just a little bit? 
  • Did you decide to have kids because being a mom is what you have always felt in your heart a piece of you was meant to be? 
remember what drives you what lights your heart on fire?

Now that you have your “why” back… develop some awareness throughout your day, your week, your month and start to pinpoint the areas where you are mindlessly wasting time on tasks that either don’t matter OR could be done by someone else. Only YOU can change the course of your business, your life! Only YOU will ever feel the TRUE passion behind what you are doing. Guard that with your life! THAT is what makes you an entrepreneur, THAT is what makes you a force!

Now that you have identified something in your life or your business that is taking up too much of your precious time – change it! My uncle used to say, discover what your hourly worth is and don’t EVER spend that time doing a task that you could pay someone WAY less to do. I write this just after I placed my online grocery order which will be delivered before I need to cook dinner tonight! The hour it would have taken me to drive to the store, pick up the items, wait in line and drive back is WAY more valuable than $99 a year + a tip! 

I hope that each of you can find your awareness and re-discover the passion in your heart for what you do!

The Marketing Lounge

Struggling to make marketing a consistent priority? Guess what! You’re not alone. We’ve seen a lot of business owners and solopreneurs struggle with consistency in their marketing, unfortunately stripping them of immense growth and opportunity. Yikes! So, we decided to launch The Marketing Lounge, a monthly membership for entrepreneurs to continue their education and marketing with group accountability.

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