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Unpopular Opinion: You are missing the point of marketing

I have a friend who I’ve known for years. When he decided to venture out and start his own business, he gave me a call to talk about his branding and marketing.

While you would think this would be typical to call someone he knew, I also knew that he could have chosen someone closer to home, someone who understood his business model a bit better or even someone he had worked with at his last job. So I asked him, “Why me?” 

His answer is still to this day one of my favorite reasons people choose to put their business in my hands. He said, “Because I knew you wouldn’t bullshit me and you would always give it to me straight!”

So here I am friends, extending the same favor to you. Let’s face it, we don’t have time for someone to beat around the bush, to stroke our egos or to cover the message in glitter for us. With everything we have been through this year, it’s time to get to the dang point.

I’ve been watching you 👀and no… not in a creepy way! I’ve been studying how you look at marketing in general for your business and how I can show up better and better every day to provide value. However, lately there is a recurring theme with so many of my followers and clients. I’ve decided to make it my mission to put an end to a few misconceptions and to tell you….

you are missing the point of marketing

😳 Now, before I go any further, I want you to take a deep breath and tell that silly little voice in your head to shut up for a minute. This is not your fault! It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day of running your business that it is hard to step back and see the big picture. So, I want to take a second and explain it to you… in a no BS sort of way. 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s your job to listen first and create later.

The first step in any great marketing exercise is to research, but in your case it is to LISTEN! It is YOUR JOB to use the tools at your disposal to listen to your customers and your ideal customer base. Whether that is engaging in groups on social media, sending out customer surveys or even asking the hard questions in person. You cannot create something that they will buy, unless you listen to them!

You HAVE to have an ideal customer!

Another huge aspect of marketing is to get inside of the customer’s head. This is extremely hard to do when you have no idea who your customer is! I get it, we often live in a scarcity mindset and it can be so easy to be fearful of not selling anything because you have narrowed down so much. I’m here to tell you that is simply not the case! By narrowing down your focus, you will create a powerful force that speaks directly to THAT CUSTOMER and in turn they will feel heard in ways you cannot imagine.

You are making it too hard to buy from you

I get it, we are leery of technology and when you put a new system in place it can often lead to a bit of learning on your part. However, if you are making people call to schedule appointments with you, forcing them into mail in checks and closing your doors before they can get off work and to you… you might have a problem. Believe me when I say I understand having a business is also a big part of designing a life that works for you. But, it should work for you AND them!

You are using your social media as a platform to boost yourself up on

A bit of tough love coming at ya here… your social media page is not your portfolio, your resume or your personal trophy case. Your customers are already over sold to online. Don’t let your posts be something that they simply scroll past because they can’t seem to connect with you. If you are bragging about how you got to take Friday off because you made SOOO much money this week and meanwhile your average customer base works 40+ hours per week, has 3 kids and a side hustle, that post will never do it for them. As the saying goes, “It’s not about you, it’s about them!” You created this business to solve a problem, it’s time to use these platforms as a way to network and connect with people so you can inform them of the problem you solve and the solutions you have available to them.

Cute doesn’t pay the bills

As much as we all try to be different and stand out, cute is often confusing to your customers. Don’t forget that you will grow tired of your brand much faster than your outside audience will. For good reason, you are living it each and every day. But to your potential customers, this is fresh information. Rather than trying to find the “cute” way of saying things, I’d like to challenge you just to be clear and concise in your messaging. This approach wins every time!

You are letting your personal insecurities get in the way of making a difference.

Putting your own face on your business 20 years ago seemed crazy. At that time, businesses wanted to be seen as bigger and better than their competitors. That method of selling simply doesn’t work today. What our customers are looking for is genuine connection and relatability. Let me ask you, how the heck can your customers relate with you when they don’t know you? It’s time to get comfortable on video, get some headshots taken for your website and talk to people about why you started this business in the first place. It’s time to build virtual trust and YOU are the key to that happening. Set aside your personal fears, or better yet, use these tools to work through them!

You are searching for the ONE thing

We’ve been lied to. Plain and simple. That ONE thing you have been searching for that will be the answer to all of your sales and marketing problems… it doesn’t exist. Whew that feels good to say out loud! The way to reach customers and make sales is by showing up consistently over and over… and over again! Customers want to do business with people they trust, but how can they form a virtual trust with you when your messaging is all over the place, you haven’t posted on Instagram since June and you keep changing who you are speaking to. The answer to your problems is the summation of continual and consistent effort on your part. It’s not going to be easy and there isn’t going to be one magical answer. But you’ve got this, friend!

So there we have it, my unpopular opinion. THIS ^ is why your marketing isn’t working… because you are simply missing the point. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel trust me! The first step is to get centered with the mission behind your business and who your ideal customer is. If you are having trouble figuring this out, schedule a consultation session with me! I would be happy to walk you through it!

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