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Why your competition doesn’t matter

To wrap up this sequence on branding, I wanted to engage in a healthy discussion about competition. 

 While some of you may be amazing at tuning out the competition noise in your life, for most of us it is a constant struggle. Especially when it comes to making big decisions for your business, like establishing a brand identity!

Why the heck is it so hard to stop looking on social media at what other people in your space are doing? The answer is so simple, yet so complicated! You look at them because you are not yet confident in what you are doing and what you are putting out. Let’s be honest here… you are using your competition as a double-check to make sure that what you are putting out is “right” or “in-line with what the industry wants”.

The ultimate trick is to take these moments where you feel the urge to look at your neighbor to see how they are doing and think “Why does this matter to me?” Perhaps it is because you are feeling insecure about your products being the best they can be? That means you need to dive deeper into making sure that the products you offer align with your audience! Perhaps it is because you are doubting yourself as a leader? Time to dive into some personal development! Or maybe it is because you are worried you aren’t saying the right things? Time to realign with your mission! Take those opportunities of self-doubt and turn them into thought provoking questions that can be used as fuel to ignite the next phase of your business.

Try and let these words sink in for a second and see how they feel:

  • There IS enough business to go around.
  • A group of people out there are looking for the special things that only YOU can provide.
  • Even if it has already been done, it has NOT already been done YOUR way.
  • NOBODY is thinking about you! They are worried about themselves and their own ability to keep their head above water.

Most likely there was a bit of doubt in your mind while reading those statements. You are questioning a bit if I’ve lost my mind – what kind of crazy books has she been reading that make her believe those things, right? 

The really crazy part? I am so serious. The only things that you need to worry about is figuring out who your audience is, creating amazing products/services that work for them, becoming obsessed with them, creating a work/life balance that truly works for you and constantly checking in with yourself over and over again to ask “How is this really going?”

You’ll Never Impress Everyone

When you are in a state of creation and are pouring everything you have into bringing value to your ideal audience it becomes so easy to look up after a day, a week or heck, even a month and not even notice that you have completely forgotten about what your competition is doing. Even better, the 1% of your customer base that wasn’t happy with what you did and the less than 10% of people that you didn’t convert into buyers haven’t even crossed your mind. You have become so obsessed with the value you are adding to the people that matter that the rest just fades away.

It is impossible for your business to be everything to everyone all of the time. To take that one step further, it isn’t smart business. It’s time to stop filling your mind with worry over those that you will never be able to please and the competition that doesn’t even matter in the long run and start focusing on what really does matter. Perhaps you have heard that comparison is the death of joy? This statement is so true for everyone, but especially for entrepreneurs.

It takes so much courage to put yourself out there. You were given something unique and special that only you can offer the world. There are treasures hidden within you that are waiting to be unveiled. Think hard about what it will take to let them out. You won’t be for everyone and that is ok because your potential is limitless. Your competition doesn’t matter because there is a special group of people looking for what only you can offer. Why only you? You are unique, valuable, capable and worthy of the dreams that light your heart on fire. All you have to do is face the challenges head on that come your way. And you, my friend, can do it without comparing how your competition is measuring up.

I believe in you

One of my favorite authors and all around people, Marie Forleo, said it best:

page from the book Everything is Figureoutable

Do you struggle with this?

If you struggle with this and need someone to coach you through it, I would love to help! I have coached many entrepreneurs and business owners to help them open their mindset and get control of the struggle of worrying about what others think about them and I would love to help you too!

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