What Makes Us Unique

Oakes Creative House is a full-service marketing and design collective that has spent the last 14 years helping business owners, just like you, increase sales and see their brands transformed into the trusted, go-to products or services in their industry.  

We’ve found that most businesses that come to us struggle with finding raving fans, and their branding doesn’t tell the whole story about what makes them unique. Most business owners are really awesome at what they do, but they lack the skills and knowledge, not to mention the time and energy, to come up with an effective marketing plan and execute it themselves. 

Does your marketing get stuck on the back burner? Do you often feel overwhelmed and like you’re missing out on opportunities?

Here’s where we come in!

Oakes Creative House specializes in solving the problems that stand in your way of achieving the success and brand recognition you deserve. Our team of branding strategists, marketing coaches, graphic designers, technology gurus, and creative writers apply their vast experience, training, and talent to produce powerful and effective marketing strategies and solutions that work and give you the results you’ve been waiting for!  

Let us be your trusted partner and take the marketing problem off your already-too-full plate, so you can focus on running and growing your business by doing what YOU do best! That’s what we call teamwork! It’s what gets the job done.

A woman sitting at a desk with a tablet, her focus on the device's screen.

Crystal Oakes Owner, Creative Director,

Graphic Designer, Strategic Coach

BA in Visual Communications

The Boss Lady

I built Oakes Creative House with the entrepreneur in mind. As a daughter of serial entrepreneurs, I get it! Actually, the foundation for this business started while I was still in college. I’ve spent 10+ years in the corporate world working with business leaders, developing strategies and leading marketing teams so that I could apply the skills and lessons learned to small business owners. I bring vast experience and a driving passion to help you achieve your goals and your vision for success. 

I understand what you struggle with, what keeps you up at night and how you sometimes feel you didn’t get invited to the “Club” that knows everything about running a business… especially when it comes to marketing! That’s where we can make your life a lot simpler.

As your trusted guide, I assemble your “Dream Team” of talented freelancers from every discipline to join me in giving you professional looking, effective marketing that works and a brand you can be proud of. That’s what we call a Win-Win all around.

I’m also an expert speaker and love to speak to different groups about a variety of topics.

Looking for a hands-on Marketing Consultation? Coaching Session? Strategic Branding Session?



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Evonne Barrier Virtual Assistant, Project Management

Evonne brings the efficiency piece to Oakes Creative House. Like most entrepreneurs, she started out working for others, honing her organizational skills in restaurant management, customer service and finance.   

In her search for greater flexibility in life, she realized that every business needs what she can offer. Her talent is to make sure everything runs smoothly, details are communicated, schedules are met and that your project is delivered in a timely, efficient and cost-effective way -just the way you want it!

A young woman sitting at a desk in a digital marketing agency.

Elizabeth Potts Designer & Illustrator

Elizabeth is our brilliant, inquisitive graphic designer who has a passion for continual growth and exploring all the ways that graphic design can bring businesses to life. She enjoys exploring graphic design’s unlimited possibilities and showing others the beauty of design all around them.

Her specialties include illustration and logo design, and she’s learning the world of web design from Crystal. Elizabeth loves to create, and enjoys putting her creativity to good use between OCH clients, learning new techniques and experimenting with mediums. One day, she may just run her own graphic design business! Elizabeth has a fantastic heart and is a great addition to our creative team.

A woman sitting on a couch with a laptop, working for a marketing agency.

Mandolin Skipworth Content Creator

Mandolin has loved writing since she was a kid and fell in love with branding and research in college. Now, she has the opportunity to do all of the above as she writes for nonprofits and small businesses, helping them define their brand voice. She enjoys working with entrepreneurs and being able to help their businesses grow.

At Oakes Creative House, Mandolin takes weight off of our client’s shoulders by writing their blogs, newsletters or social media copy. She understands the need for empathy in all forms of communication and loves building relationships with those she works with. Mandolin enjoys learning from Crystal and the OCH team, and looks forward to writing your business story!

A man with a beard sitting at a desk, working on marketing strategies for a branding agency.

Steven Oakes The Money Guy

Steven’s special sauce is anything to do with “left brain functions” such as numbers and finance (thank goodness, because Crystal’s creative brain does not work that way!), oftentimes you can find him acting as a photography assistant or an electrician. He wears many hats, sometimes multiple at once (though the most important is The Money Guy) and is essential to ensuring the wheels stay (mostly) on the bus!

In his day job as a Severance Tax Analyst at EY, he works day in and day out to help companies save money. But we think his role with us is much more fun!



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Linda Wesley Word Nerd

Linda is one of our word nerds who writes and edits all the things. She’s passionate about capturing the voice of each client and crafting clear and concise content for websites, print materials, and more.

She has previously worked in corporate marketing, K-12 school communications, and public health communications. The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in her family, and she always knew she would eventually go out on her own. Since starting her own business in 2014, she’s worked with many small businesses and nonprofits to help them better tell their story.

A branding expert in front of a palm tree.

Robert Lane Full Stack Developer

Robert brings almost two decades of experience in planning, developing, and implementing state of the art web based solutions for businesses.

His well-rounded IT background of infrastructure management (networks, systems, web hosting, database design), web development, project management and marketing gives him the skills and experience needed to create custom solutions for business owners in a variety of industries.

A woman sitting on a green couch during a branding mini shoot.

Jody Autumn Photographer

As a mom, wife, photographer, and business owner, Jody can genuinely say — she’s been in your shoes.   She knows it can be stressful to plan and prep for a photography session, and her goal is to alleviate the anxiety for you.   

Jody is not interested in cookie-cutter sessions, disappointing results, or inauthentic images.  She is all about personalizing sessions for growing businesses and families.  Jody believes you deserve to have images you LOVE.   When Jody is your photographer, she makes it her mission to ensure you receive authentic and captivating photos. 

A woman smiling at the camera, wearing a white cardigan over a teal top, standing indoors with a neutral background, in a digital marketing agency.

Sara Graybill Technical Website Expert

Sara is our tech whisperer who delves into the complex world of coding and web development. With a keen eye for the latest tech trends and a knack for solving intricate problems, she specializes in creating dynamic and robust websites that not only look great but perform seamlessly.

Her background has equipped her with the skills to tackle any digital challenge. Sara’s passion lies in breaking down technical barriers for entrepreneurs, helping them transform their visions into user-friendly digital realities.

Looking for Something More?

Here at Oakes Creative House, we believe that every creative mind has something unique to bring to the table. That’s why we work with freelancers and contractors who excel in their various fields from graphic designers, web developers, content creators, photographers and more! We believe in pairing the right creative with the right project and that collaboration is key to achieving the BEST client facing work. If you are looking to fill your time with more project-based work, send us a message with your resume, portfolio and other applicable information to be considered for part of our ever-expanding team of freelancers!

The Marketing Lounge

Struggling to make marketing a consistent priority? Guess what! You’re not alone. We’ve seen a lot of business owners and solopreneurs struggle with consistency in their marketing, unfortunately stripping them of immense growth and opportunity. Yikes! So, we decided to launch The Marketing Lounge, a monthly membership for entrepreneurs to continue their education and marketing with group accountability.

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