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It’s always bothered me that there are so many great logos just sitting around on hard drives. I thought, “What if I could use those unused concepts and offer them to those interested in a logo, but who can’t afford a custom logo design just for them?” They might not have been the right logo for that client, but they could be the right logo for someone else! 

So the brand store was born! Whether you are a new startup company just diving into the idea of a brand or you are an existing brand looking for something fresh, we have over 100 logos for you to explore. 

A mighty little store with a mission...

100% of purchases from this brand store go directly into a future adoption fund for Crystal and Steven Oakes. For more info on that, scroll to the bottom of the page.

How does it work?

All logos are priced at $300, which is hundreds less than having a custom logo designed!

I want to be sure and mention that I feel every business should go through a logo design process with a designer. This process often forces you to sit down and think about who your customer is and what visual language you are putting out to attract them. However, the realist in me also realizes this process isn’t for everyone. And you may just see something that you fall in love with!

You will be able to change the colors and text in the logo, but major revisions are not available in this ready to go brand store. 

They all include 1 revision round and all files delivered in a digital Dropbox link.

Additional revisions are available at our current hourly rate if needed.

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A store on a mission

Can I get a bit vulnerable with you here? Only a few dates in Steven and I had the “kids discussion”. Yes, we moved fast haha! I told him that I’ve always dreamed of having one and adopting one. This dream has always been on my heart. We both love to travel and would love to give a child a loving home where they can always embrace where they came from. Whether this means adopting a child who is like us, or who comes from a different background, I know that we can give them a beautiful life of acceptance and a household to thrive in. He immediately kissed me and said, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” 

Fast forward a few years, my migraines turned chronic. Daily headaches with elevated ones hitting me a few times a week. If you follow me personally on social media, you probably know that I am very open about my chronic illness and want to share as much information as possible with others who are suffering. I am determined to find the right combination of holistic and pharmaceutical remedies to live the fullest life possible. 

However, when it comes to Steven and I starting a family, it’s no surprise that my migraines are holding us back. After consulting with every doctor under the sun, I know that when we do decide to take the leap it will be a calculated move. I also know that I would love to have my children grow up with siblings that are close in age – built in friends right? 

So our adoption journey is one that I have to start planning for now, I know myself and when it is time to take the leap I want to be as ready as possible! Earlier this year we started a separate savings account earmarked for an adoption fund and we’ve decided to earmark the funds from this online brand store to land in that account. I couldn’t be more excited to use my creative talent to fuel my dreams.

Yes, this brand store will be benefiting businesses of all shapes and sizes, but in the end you are making a purchase that is putting us one step closer to our dream of a future adoption. 

From the bottom of my heart thank you for supporting us on this journey. Spread the word!

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logo design

Your brand is communicating in a visual language, do you know what tone it's speaking in? I know what it feels like to need some direction to find out what it is that your brand should truly represent. So I did something fun! I put together a little quiz for you to find out your brand’s style.

Who is this for?

💁‍♀️ Newbies who don’t even have a business name yet.

🤷🏼‍♀️ Business owners who have DIY’d their own branding up to this point.

🙋🏾‍♀️ Seasoned pros who just want to check to see if they are on track.

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