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Who we work with

Oakes Creative House works with companies of all shapes and sizes, from new businesses, corporations, small businesses, B2B, nonprofits and more!

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Starting at $250

web design


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print design

Print Design

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marketing consultation


Starting at $75/hr

Here’s what working with us looks like

The Plan

Share Your Vision.

We listen as you share your vision for your company, your goals, your challenges and what success would look like for you. We start with the end in mind!

We Create Your Plan.

We brainstorm, research and customize the best marketing strategies, products and services to meet your unique needs. We include a budget and timeline for your approval.

Love Your Brand.

We create the key marketing pieces that set your products or services apart from your competition. Our mission is to help your customers understand who you are and why they need what you do.

Together, we continue to collaborate, monitor results and make adjustments to make sure we are always hitting your targets… while you get to enjoy a brand you are proud of, spend more time living the rest of your life, feel less stressed and more confident as your brand surpasses your wildest dreams! 

We believe in your success!

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Sometimes being an entrepreneur can feel like there was some club that you weren’t invited to. Like everyone else got the keys to the kingdom, but you didn’t. Here’s the secret no one is telling you… That Club Does Not Exist!! We are all just figuring this out as we go.

That is why we created our very own Facebook group for entrepreneurs! You will often see trainings, education and challenges around marketing your business and setting it up for success + guest speakers, free giveaways and more.
So, join us, fellow business owner, in this space where we put community over competition in order to celebrate each other’s wins and lift each other up when we need it!
For the Love of Business

The Blog

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Making Deeper Connections

A year or so ago I attended a business seminar put on by a photographer in my local area. He has achieved such great success in his business that when he announced this event, I immediately purchased a ticket! I was engulfed in amazing content and inspiration throughout the weekend, but there was one section

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The best ways to gain insights from your customer base

As business owners we are all searching for ways to understand our potential customers better. After all, how can you truly connect with them when you aren’t really sure what lights their hearts on fire? This true connection at the end of the day can be the difference between success and failure in your business

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Crystal and Steven Oakes standing in kitchen smiling

We took ourselves on a marriage retreat

Last December, Steven and I decided to make our very own, personalized marriage retreat just for the two of us. Ok maybe I decided, but in all honesty I have the most patient and amazing spouse who is “usually” up for anything I propose! Was there something major wrong with our marriage? No! But we

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