Maintaining Empathy in Business

We All Deserve Empathy

How to Communicate & Use Empathy Well at Work

To be honest, I could just cut it off right there. The title sums it up.

We all deserve empathy, and we should all be giving it away.

Ask yourself the following questions:

And, most importantly…

As a leader and/or business owner, you are NOT a therapist or responsible for fixing your team’s or client’s personal problems. However, as a human being with their own unique complexities, it is important to leave space for error and off days.

Just as you don’t always feel up for the day ahead, your clients and team members also don’t always feel top-notch. Sometimes, they simply make mistakes.

It’s important that we give away empathy freely, and receive it graciously.


I know, you don’t have to ask. Sometimes people push your buttons and test your limits. Some people are down right unkind. You don’t have to be a pushover, but you can try to first respond with empathy. If the situation doesn’t resolve, it’s important to be firm in your expectations going forward. AND, if the issue still persists, it’s okay to let some people go.

Long Story Short

More often than not, we can relate on some level with what our peers are going through. Even if we don’t quite understand, we’ve all worked our way through trials. Sometimes the smallest things can turn our day around, and the last thing we want to do is disappoint someone. Hearing, “It’s okay! I can give you more time.” or “I understand. You can take the afternoon off.” or even “I have time today and can help!” has the potential to make your day. It’s great to be able to receive as well as share that generosity to others.

Empathy goes a long way and makes a huge difference in someone’s day. We are all humans with complex thoughts, personal trials, and strong beliefs. Being surrounded by people who ooze empathy and generosity are some of the best to be around.

Be the person that freely gives it away, and you’ll find yourself gratefully receiving it.

Find Your Brand's Soul Again

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Who is this for?

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🙋🏾‍♀️ Seasoned pros who just want to check to see if they are on track.

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