Modern Terrace House Logo


Capture the essence of upscale living with the Modern Terrace House Logo, a symbol of sophistication and elegance.

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The Modern Terrace House Logo stands out with its bold yet refined aesthetics, perfectly suited for an upscale real estate group or luxury property developer. The logo portrays a stylized house that cleverly integrates the concept of a terrace, a feature synonymous with comfort and luxury.

Set against a striking yellow backdrop, the black contours of the house design are sharp and commanding, while the circle encapsulating it suggests completeness and stability. This combination is not only eye-catching but also represents the comprehensive services and robust foundation that a real estate group like Terrace offers its clients.

This logo comes with the promise of individuality, ensuring that your brand remains distinct and memorable. It is versatile for use across various mediums and is customizable to fit your brand’s color scheme or add a personal touch with a unique tagline. The design assures that it will be sold only once, preserving the unique identity of your business.


Black, Yellow

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