Marketing Myths Busted

4 Marketing Myths Busted!

Marketing is sadly a field filled with misconceptions and misunderstandings.

It can be so hard to learn great marketing practices with so many varying opinions out there. In the end, all you can do is what feels right for you and your business. Just like any decision I make, my marketing decisions are made with the philosophy that if it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a NO.

So here are 4 marketing myths busted, just for you!

Myth #1: I can’t do marketing well because I don’t understand technology.

This myth is SUCH an important one to bust because technology is changing and growing each and every day. No matter your individual understanding of current technologies there will always be an area where you fall behind. You may understand how to take a great photo with your new camera or phone, but don’t necessarily understand how your domain gets to your website and your email address. You may understand how to create a compelling graphic, but not how social media algorithms work. 

Don’t be mad at me here, but feeding into this myth is more of an excuse. If you understand your customer and how you solve problems for them. You CAN show up at any level of technology that you know and knock it out of the park in terms of sales! You don’t have to chase the new shiny object and get on every single social platform and create dance videos to have a revenue stream you are proud of.

Plus, when you do want to venture into the unknown, there are SO many tutorial videos and online classes you can take to learn these new pieces of technology.

Myth #2: Marketing and sales are two different hats I wear.

So many large companies have a separate “marketing department” and a “sales department” so as small business owners we have often tried to adapt this way of thinking and have started to believe these are two different hats to put on. But the truth is, marketing decisions and implementation lead to sales. On the flip side, decisions regarding how, where and at what price you sell your products directly affect your marketing decisions. 

These two areas of your business should be treated synergistically or the disconnects between them can cause a domino effect that leads to your customers feeling like they are working with different companies instead of the brand they fell in love with. 

Myth #3: In order to do anything with marketing, I have to do it, it's all or nothing.

Many business owners believe that you are either doing all marketing internally OR outsourcing all of it. However, I believe the very best marketing and branding comes from a collaboration of minds that think a bit differently from each other. No one will ever be as passionate about your business than you! But marketing experts (large or small) have spent years learning the tools of the trade and have actually put into motion the industry best practices. A great partner will work with you to determine what they can bring to the table for you and what part is best for you to play.

Myth #4: Marketing goals are the same as business goals

This is a big one as we head into this season of goal setting. Business goals are often the ones we set first. Things like, “To have $__ in monthly revenue.” or even “To bring on ____ new clients.” When we set goals as business owners we often forget to create a set of marketing goals. These goals become a stepping stone to reach those business goals. 

For example: if you want to have $10,000 in monthly revenue and your average sale is $200 you will need to do business with 50 customers this month. Then, if you typically convert 1 in 5 of your website visitors to buyers then that means your website needs to have at least 250 qualified hits on it this month. 

You see, the marketing goals lead to the business goals and it’s important to set both!


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The Marketing Lounge

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