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Marketing is NOT a diet

It happened to me again, just the other day!

I was having a fantastic conversation with a small business owner who was SO passionate about her business. We talked about how she loves to serve her customers, why she created this business and how proud she was of her success to this point. 

And then the dreaded phrase came out of her mouth, 

“I’m just not good at marketing my business, but I know someone like you could do it in no time.”

This for me is a big red flag. When I hear phrases like this one that talk about marketing as a passive thing, I know there is a disconnected understanding of marketing from the business owner’s perspective. 

Marketing is NOT a diet!

There is not a simple “quick fix” or fast solution to “fixing” your marketing. Just as any great dietitian would tell you that a fad diet like low carb isn’t the answer to sustainable weight management, it’s the same with your marketing. With nutrition, we are seeing a huge shift in perspective to an anti-diet culture. Instead of recommending quick fixes, the nutrition experts are now working on topics like intuitive and/or mindful eating and creating a lifestyle of healthy choices – rather than a quick fix. 

I want you to take a journey with me for a second and apply this anti-diet mentality to your marketing. 

So you can see business owner, there is not a marketing expert on the planet who can do all of the above items without you! No, a marketing expert cannot “quickly” change the entire course of your marketing and/or create great marketing out of thin air. 

Even the marketing piece of your business needs YOU! You may need to put in some “heart work” to answer the relevant questions about your business that allow experts like me to do our job well. This isn’t a quick hand off – it’s a partnership and a collaboration. 

The biggest thing you can do today is to put into your mind that marketing is NOT a diet and that it WILL take effort from you even if you are partnering with someone else. Don’t stray away from this part of your business because it isn’t your core area of expertise, you can polish the language and the pieces as you go!

Are you stuck in this mindset shift? I help business owners just like you overcome their fears and lack of confidence in marketing. Let’s chat!

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