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Oakes Creative House is not just a marketing agency; we’re a collaborative hub for creative and strategic solutions, specializing in empowering agency partners with services tailored to each unique client.

We believe everyone deserves strategic marketing to help their business thrive, so we love partnering with other agencies to provide our collective clients with the best marketing and branding solutions possible.

A group of women sitting around a table discussing marketing strategies for small businesses.

Our Partnership Options

No two agencies are the same! Review and select the partnership option that suits you and your business best.

We would be happy to be behind the scenes of your business and serve as the busy worker bees. We make white labeling simple! You simply take our packages and mark them up for whatever % margin you feel is appropriate. The Oakes Creative House experience is custom from top to bottom! We will always protect the relationship that you have with your clients and work with the utmost professionalism and respect.

Our White Label services include:

  • Website Design and SEO (Starting at $2,700)
  • Business Branding (Starting at $500)
  • Marketing Strategy (Starting at $1,500)
  • Brand Photography (Starting at $450)
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media (Starting at $325/month)

Do you want to have us in your back pocket? We’d be honored! We also offer monthly retainers. Depending on the business, we would be more than happy to set up a monthly payment and set number of hours to work on projects for you and your clients. We have completed over 900 hours of retainer work for our partners. To learn more about your options when it comes to retainers, email crystal@oakescreativehouse.com.

For agency partners who may not find our white labeling services the right fit, Oakes Creative House offers a lucrative referral program. By referring clients to us, you can earn a 10% commission, capped at $500 per client, on eligible services like website and logo projects, print and digital design, marketing plans, photography, and social media strategies. We ensure your referrals receive the highest standard of service, maintaining your reputation while benefiting from our expertise. To learn more and join the program, visit Oakes Creative House Referral Program.

Meet Our Dynamic Team

Each team member on our team brings a unique set of skills, ensuring a comprehensive and customized approach to each project. Your clients are in GREAT hands!

A woman sitting at a desk with a tablet, her focus on the device's screen.

Crystal Oakes Owner, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Strategic Coach

Crystal brings over a decade of experience in corporate marketing and a passion for empowering entrepreneurs with effective marketing strategies.

A marketing agency specializing in digital strategies showcases an image of a woman sitting on a chair displaying her tattoos.

Evonne Barrier Project Manager

Evonne excels in organizational skills, ensuring smooth project execution and efficient client service.

A woman sitting on a couch with a laptop, working for a marketing agency.

Mandolin Skipworth Creative Marketing Strategist

Mandolin specializes in brand voice, research, and crafting compelling marketing messages for clients.

A young woman sitting at a desk in a digital marketing agency.

Elizabeth Potts Designer & Illustrator

Elizabeth’s expertise lies in illustration as well as logo and print design.

Our Process

We’ve worked for years to perfect our website process to ensure the project runs smoothly and efficiently! 

You can view each specific timeline estimate on our sales pages for each service.


This initial phase involves understanding our agency partner’s needs, setting clear objectives, and establishing communication channels for seamless collaboration.

Gathering Assets

Here, we collect all necessary materials, such as logos, brand guidelines, and existing marketing materials, to ensure consistency and accuracy in our work. We are happy to communicate through you or directly with your client.


In this stage, we focus on content creation, tailoring it to align with your client’s brand voice and objectives. This includes copywriting, graphic content, and other media as required.


Our team engages in the creative process, developing designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and strategically aligned with the project goals.

Proofing and Revisions

 The final stage involves rigorous proofing to ensure quality, followed by revisions based on partner feedback, ensuring the final product meets or exceeds expectations.

Brand Examples

We’ve worked with businesses across industries. Here are a few of our favorite brand projects!

It’s All in the Numbers

Over the years, we’ve completed a variety of projects for businesses across industries. Here’s a look at the numbers.

Total Projects Completed for Agency Partners from 2021 – 2024
Brands Created
Graphic Design Pieces
Retainer Hours
Two individuals in a business meeting examining a document labeled "biz plan" focused on corporate branding.

Typical Turnaround Times

Times vary based on client responsiveness.

Want to dive deeper? Explore our media kit!

We’re thankful for our well-renowned partners!

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Learn how to perfect your customer journey from first impression to retention. Gain insights from Crystal and the Oakes Creative House team through interactive sessions, expert guidance, and hands-on activities.

When: June 21, 2024, 9am-3pm

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Cost: $175

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