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Community Over Competition

I would like to take a minute this month to remind each of you how important it is to have an incredible network of other business owners to talk with, gain wisdom from, bounce ideas off of – or even just to know that someone else feels your pain!

community over competition

However, I do realize that many of you don’t have this network to dip into in order to ask other business owners compelling questions – finding mentors and like-minded peers is a STRUGGLE!

I decided not too long ago to commit myself to building this community for not only my clientele, but for all business owners that I meet. I have lots of ideas up my sleeve for how to make this happen – but for right now, I reminded myself to start small. 

This month I wanted to kick off my entrepreneur video interviews with…. drumroll….. My Mom!

Growing up around a network of small business owners has given me amazing perspective into this hard-working and incredibly passionate community. This lady right here taught me what it means to bring that passion for what you do to life and turn it into your livelihood.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we had fun in the beautiful backyard making it! 😊

Never forget, there is a community of people out there who want nothing more than to see you succeed in your business – if you ever need someone to grab a cup of coffee with (virtual or in person) – reach out! I would love to connect you with another like-minded entrepreneur.


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