Greta & co is a graphic design portfolio that focuses on travel design.

Client Profile

Client: Greta & Co Travel Design

Headquarters: Edmond, OK

Industry: Travel Planning

Founded by Greta Meschke, Greta & Co. Travel Design is a boutique travel agency specializing in crafting safe, stress-free, and refined vacations. Greta didn’t want to start her business without establishing a brand to draw in clients. To have a successful travel agency, it’s essential to have a digital presence, and Greta wanted to do it right the first time. That’s where we came in!

This case study explores how Greta & Co Travel Design partnered with our team at Oakes Creative House (OCH) to build their brand and website, resulting in increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and business growth.

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The Search for Expertise:

Before Greta officially partnered with Oakes Creative House (OCH), she had heard about our agency through her significant other, Tim Jones. She followed us for a while and fell in love with our designs (her words!). Fortunately, after a discovery call, we discovered Greta’s style fell right in step with ours. We began work on building her a strategic yet beautiful brand and website in no time.

Services Provided

A laptop screen displaying a woman's face, ideal for a graphic design portfolio.


For Greta & Co. Travel Design, we prioritized luxury and wanderlust. We reminded clients of their desire to travel and made it easy to book right away.

A graphic design portfolio business card sitting on top of a wooden table.

Brand Identity

Some of our favorite colors were Greta’s favorite colors, so working together on a brand was easy! Her brand is luxurious yet inviting. The perfect combo!
A woman showcasing her graphic design portfolio, sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of her.

Branded Photography

From suitcases to magazines, we had a blast capturing Greta’s love of travel. It’s hard not to want to explore the world after that photoshoot.

“The OCH team is amazing and could not have asked for a better experience. You all went above and beyond! If anyone needs to use your services for their business, I will highly recommend your services!” - Greta Meschke

The Run Down

New Business: Greta & Co. Travel Design was a new business when Greta came to us for branding. She had a style in mind, but hadn’t established her business or marketing.

Limited Marketing Expertise: Having just established her business, Greta hadn’t had time to evaluate a marketing strategy. She knew she wanted a website, but sought professional help for execution.

Discovery and Partnership: Having followed and been impressed by our work, Greta reached out to Oakes Creative House to begin brand ideation.

Brand Identity Creation: Knowing a website was on the horizon, we started by creating a luxury brand that represents Greta’s unique travel agency to build her marketing foundation.

Branded Photoshoot: Greta wanted to stand out from her travel agency competitors, so she opted to participate in a branded photoshoot. We couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out! They supplement her website perfectly.

Building a Website: After solidifying her brand identity, we began work on the website. For a travel agency, a website is essential. Clients need to book easily and fast! It quickly became our priority..

Elevated Brand Recognition: The new brand identity, branded photos, and sales-focused website elevated Greta & Co. Travel Design’s recognition and reputation in the travel industry.

Increased Website Traffic and Bookings: With a strong branding foundation, Greta’s clients can now easily book through her website, increasing her visibility and growing her customer base.

Positive Feedback: Now that her website is established, Greta has received rave reviews about both her business and her brand.

Increased Marketing Confidence: Thanks to a brand that she loves and beautiful branded photos, Greta feels more confident sharing her business. She’s loved sharing the photos on social media to draw more customers to her website.

Looking Toward the Future

Greta has already chatted with us about continuing marketing efforts with Oakes Creative House in the future. We look forward to that opportunity! Together, we aim to increase brand awareness and distinguish Greta & Co. Travel Design further in the competitive travel market.

Greta & Co. has been a pleasure to collaborate with and watch grow. We are proud to support a business that is as beautiful as she is!

Our collaboration goes to show that entrusting marketing in the hands of professionals, and establishing a working relationship where strategies are collaborative, transforms local and small businesses into a recognizable brand that stands out from the competition.



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