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Is Customer Service Dead?

See Your Business from Your Customer’s Point of View

You’ve heard the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It rings true for a lot of things. For example, cilantro tastes great to some and like soap to others. How strange, right?

Well, the same goes for our businesses. As small business owners, we often find ourselves coveting our businesses like they are our children. We’ve built these unique, meaningful companies that have potential to meet the needs of hundreds, or even thousands, of customers.

But are we actually serving our customers? Are we giving them the opportunity to see the value of your product?

Since we’re involved in every detail of our business, it’s challenging to step back and see it from the perspective of those on the outside. But it is pivotal that we do.

We already know the value of our product or service, but our customers are starting from the very beginning, and we have to continue showing them value even after they’ve bought in.

Before the Sale

You are so close to your business that viewing it from an outside perspective may seem impossible! It may take a date with your ideal customer to see it from a bird’s eye view. Find someone you think would benefit from your company. Invite them for a cup of coffee and pick their brain on what truly matters to them. You can thank me later!

Next, check in on your social media AND website. If you don’t have either, stop here and come back when those are up and running. Even if you market your business by word of mouth, your customers are going to want to learn more online! It’s imperative that both your website and social media reflect the purpose behind your business, but your website is where the sale is finalized. Make sure it’s working for you! 

Ask yourself the following:

  1.  Is it easy for someone to understand what I’m selling and why just by glancing at my website home page or Facebook bio?
  2.  Is my website easy to navigate? (Good task for your date to take a look at!)
  3.  Is my social media inviting and consistent in branding? Is it pointing people to my website?
  4.  Are there misspelled words anywhere?
  5.  Are photos primarily of me or are there also photos of my product/service in action?

Remember, even if you’ve heard what your product is and how it changes lives over and over again, you need to retell it again and again and again. You never know if it’ll be the first time someone is seeing your brand.

During the Sale

Remember, even if you’ve heard what your product is and how it changes lives over and over again, you need to retell it again and again and again. You never know if it’ll be the first time someone is seeing your brand.Now, once a potential customer is aware of you, pursue them! Don’t let them forget how capable you are at fixing their problem(s).

You’ve drawn them in, captured their emails (more on that here!), and now have the opportunity to really show them what they’re missing out on without you! Send them emails with free learning opportunities, direct them to resources you’re inspired by and ASK for them to buy from you. They’re interested! But people don’t often want to take the next step on their own. It’s up to you to initiate a purchase!

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After the Sale

You’ve done it!

You landed a sale with a new customer. But your work isn’t done yet! The best customers are repeat customers, right?

If you’re a people person like me, this next part should be fun! (If not, it’s still important to practice!)

Now is the time to let them know how much they mean to you. Thank them for trusting you. And, most importantly, ask them how your product solved their problem. Build a relationship with them! Get inside their head a bit by asking for feedback (reviews are great trust-builders for your website!). Knowing how they used and appreciated your product/service will inform you on how to adapt and grow your business.

The “TLDR”

The bottom line is that your customer views your business differently than you. Tap into their point of view and take these steps to optimize your customer experience and receive a better return on your investment.

All of the information I just gave you may be a lot to process… 

Let me lay it out for you in one list that you can use to guide your customer service…

  1.   Set up a date with an ideal customer and pick their brain.
  2.  Clean up your social media and website so that they’re not only appealing to look at, but are also easy to understand and navigate.
  3.  Sell your product or service over and over and over again. You never know who is seeing it for the first time!
  4.  Send nurture emails and provide freebies to build trust and authority.
  5.  Be available for questions!
  6.  Clear is kind. Ask them to buy!
  7.  Thank them for their purchase.
  8.  Continue to be available AFTER they buy.
  9.  Follow up and ask for reviews.
  10.  Check in with deals and new products.
  11.  Rinse and repeat!

Thinking about changing your business’s approach to customer service is daunting! But in order to maximize your full potential, you may need to adapt. Change is hard, but you are fully capable of adjusting and allowing your company to thrive.

Sift through your resources thoroughly as you move through your customer’s journey. Don’t feel the need to fly through any of it. You are meeting a need, and your business deserves your thoughtful attention and unrelenting confidence.

I’m confident you have what it takes to succeed! Now, go do great things.

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