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Your website questions answered

We get it, the thought of implementing or improving your business website can be overwhelming. 

There are so many mixed opinions out there when it comes to your online web presence. Whether you are looking to build a new website with the pros or tackle leveling up your website DIY style, we are here for you! Here are a few FAQs that come up in conversations often:

Why is it important for me to have a website for my business?

We live in a digital world, even if you have a brick and mortar business! Your online presence is often the first impression customers have of your business before they come to see you in person or book a call with you. Let’s face it, social media can only tell a small part of what working with you looks like.There is only so much you can do to promote your value and provide a great customer experience. The goal is to direct potential customers to your website where you can prove that you are reputable and relatable to them. Also, in terms of business operations, your website can do SO MUCH to automate lead generation, tie in your CRM system, have intake forms and more!

With so many systems available for websites, how can I decide?

Ultimately as a small business my best advice is to stay away from custom coded and proprietary systems. More often than not, you end up getting stuck with what your website can do, how hard it is to make updates and eventually with things breaking down and technology reaching end of life. This is not conducive to long term goals and time management efforts for small business owners. It also often puts you in a “people basket” with your business where only those original developers know how to work with your custom website. Instead, I recommend using a well established web solution such as WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, etc… Here at Oakes Creative House we prefer WordPress as our system of choice. This is because WordPress makes up about 40% of all internet websites and is highly used by developers and non developers alike. I have yet to find something that I can’t make happen within WordPress so I find it to be scalable and, with the right tools in place, can be very user friendly.

I’ve seen so many fancy websites out there, how can I compete?

The short answer… you don’t! Having a great website presence is really not about having all of the fancy effects in order to prove that you are a reputable business. Instead it’s about clarity! Customers coming to your website want to know what you do, why you are the one they should work with and how you will add value to their lives. They are looking to buy from businesses that they know, like and trust. This means it’s up to us to create a website they can find themselves in. Simple is often better when it comes to websites. An effective website is designed to lead the customer to the information they are looking for quickly and without hassle – this is what converts lookers to buyers in ½ the time!

Why do you require a content writer for website packages?

We believe that graphic design is a communication tool used to create a shorthand look at the message you are putting out. The content drives the design. We can’t effectively design for you without first knowing what you are communicating. Every piece of graphic design done through Oakes Creative House is used intentionally and not just to make things look “pretty”. We absolutely believe that content creation with a great writer is an artform! There is strategy, philosophy and care that goes into each and every piece of website content. In our experience, the rate of conversion on a website that utilized a skilled content writer is significantly higher than ones without.

What are the core pages or sections you should have on a website?

I believe that every great website should have a home page, about page, services or products page and a space to continually add updated information like a blog or news section. In lieu of a contact page, we often see that having a stronger call to action such as scheduling a call or buying a product is more effective. Within these pages there is some nuanced content that makes it sales focused vs just a photo and a paragraph. Luckily, I have a whole guide that helps you figure out these sections! Download the Sales Funnel Workbook here and use code FORTHELOVE for 50% off!

I have a great website but I don’t feel like it produces sales – help!

In my experience websites that don’t convert customers well are failing to connect and lacking a clear call to action. This means as business owners we need to take a few steps back and get really clear on who we are, who we are selling to, what we are selling and how! Bringing this information to light in a clear way will help viewers navigate through your website faster which leads to quicker decisions and ACTION! Make sure on your website you are actually asking them to move forward with a great call to action.

Is it necessary to invest in SEO services?

I’ll give you the answer I usually hate… it depends. Ugh I know! It depends a lot on your industry, your business goals and your budget. SEO services can get expensive quickly depending on what you are trying to achieve. Ultimately though I recommend finding ways to grow your following and your viewer count organically as a proof of concept phase first. Then, investing in SEO services to add fuel to fire with content and design that you already know works!

How frequently should I update my website?

I recommend setting aside time to do a quarterly review of your website to look for broken links, outdated information and new content that should be added. In addition though, I recommend having a blog or news section on your website that you can add new content to monthly. This shows your viewers and Google that you are running an active website that deserves to be seen!

Do I need to have custom photos for my website or can I utilize stock photos?

My favorite sites are the ones that use a combination of personal photos and stock photos. I feel like this mix does a good job of painting a picture of what working with you looks like, allows viewers to put a face to a name and also allows them to see photos that are diverse and inviting.

Have more questions?

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