Nonprofit Giveaway

We LOVE working with nonprofits, but we understand that sometimes budget becomes a factor. We know sometimes nonprofit teams hustle to create their own website but end up not happy with the end result. Or perhaps another website firm designed it a few years ago and now it needs a refresh but the budget is tight. As our team has grown and we identified the need to train junior designers in the area of website design, an idea formed!

“What if we give away a website design to a nonprofit and use it as a learning tool for our internal team of designers?”

So we decided to do it! 👏🏻👏🏻 We’ve partnered up with one of our all time favorite content creators who also LOVES nonprofits. 

Your cause + Linda’s incredible content creation + our team of designers = 🔥🔥

What's Included?

The “rules”

So.. who will be creating your site?

A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of her, working on a nonprofit site or organizing a giveaway.

Meet Crystal

Your website will be reviewed and polished up by our head designer and CCO, Crystal. She has been creating sites for both for profit and nonprofit organizations for over 15 years. She has a passion for teaching young designers and for giving back. 

Crystal Oakes is a dreamer, thinker, and professional problem solver. 

Her professional experience includes graphic design, photography, branding, event planning, merchandising, and all things digital marketing, including social media, email marketing, and websites. She has extensive experience in corporate global marketing and brand management in 22 countries across three continents and eight languages.

A woman wearing a purple top is featured on a nonprofit site.

Meet Linda

Linda is one of our word nerds who writes and edits all the things. She’s passionate about capturing the voice of each client and crafting clear and concise content for websites, print materials, and more.

She has previously worked in corporate marketing, K-12 school communications, and public health communications. The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in her family, and she always knew she would eventually go out on her own. Since starting her own business in 2014, she’s worked with many small businesses and nonprofits to help them better tell their story.

A woman wearing a hat sitting on a couch at a nonprofit site giveaway.

Meet Katie - Our Junior Designer!

Katie’s enthusiasm for graphic design came to light before she even knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her budding career revolved around design even in the most unlikely of fields. She created splendid works of art such as menus, catalogs, and brochures for her companies and beyond while working as a manager in food and retail industries.
Now that Katie has the opportunity to work around the clock in the field she adores, her drive for perfectly tailored graphic artistry has only grown. Her well-practiced craft fits right in with the Oakes Creative House team. She continues to develop her skill by soaking in lessons of visual communication already mastered by Crystal. Her love for creating brochures, logos, and social graphics is always completed with a radiating smile and a full heart.

How it works:

We will take entries until the end of May and winners will be announced via email & social media. 

Let's get started! Ready to apply?

Transform Your Sales Strategy!

Learn how to perfect your customer journey from first impression to retention. Gain insights from Crystal and the Oakes Creative House team through interactive sessions, expert guidance, and hands-on activities.

When: June 21, 2024, 9am-3pm

Where: Sandler, OKC

Cost: $175

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