Fresh Cleaning Service Logo: Vibrant & Modern Design for Cleaning Companies


Introducing our ‘Fresh Cleaning Service Logo’ – the perfect blend of modern flair and timeless elegance for cleaning businesses. A unique design with a lemon touch, ready for customization.

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Searching for the ideal logo for your cleaning business? Look no further than our Fresh Cleaning Service Logo. Designed with attention to detail, it showcases a delightful blend of colors and elements, ensuring your brand stands out. The featured lemon is not just a symbol of cleanliness but also promises a fresh, invigorating vibe for your clientele. Perfect for businesses seeking a contemporary touch while retaining classic charm.

Purchase comes with an inclusive revision, allowing for color swaps and company name updates. Additional customizations will be based on our hourly rate. Once the revised logo gets your nod, we’ll send a digital download link with all necessary file formats.

Remember, this Fresh Cleaning Service Logo is exclusive; only one will be sold. Ensure your brand stays unique and step up your cleaning game!


Blue, Gray, Yellow

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