Rustic badge-style cannabis logo


Dive into a world of collaboration with this rustic badge-style cannabis logo, embodying unity and tradition.

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Step back in time with this rustic badge-style cannabis logo that whispers tales of tradition and community. Centered around an earthy green background, the distressed cannabis leaf seamlessly intertwines with a city skyline overlay, symbolizing the harmony between urban life and nature.

Encircled by a chain of stars, this design emphasizes collaboration and unity. The vintage vibes and textured details make it a timeless pick for brands that cherish their roots while looking towards the future.

Should you fancy a touch of personal flair, like altering the colors, adding your city’s unique skyline, or modifying the typography, this design is primed for customization to fit your brand’s narrative.

A timeless gem, once this logo is yours, it stands as an unparalleled emblem that resonates with your brand’s ethos and legacy.



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