Sales Funnel Packages

What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is essentially a process in order for you to get people from a “follower” to a “buyer”. They are highly effective and can be adapted to almost any situation. 

So many people come to me and ask “how do I get more people to buy from me?” I’m telling you – this is a HUGE part of the answer.

A Sales Funnel consists of:

  • A one-liner
  • Landing Page
  • Lead Generator
  • Email Nurturing Campaign



$ 15 Workbook Download
  • Start with goal setting! This is huge in making sure throughout creating your sales funnel you aren’t jumping all over the place and you have a clear goal in mind.
  • Create a one-liner that grabs the viewer’s attention and explains how you solve the problem they face.
  • Wireframe your landing page. This can be the home page of your website or a specific landing page just for this sales funnel!
  • Create a lead generator PDF or Video to give a piece of your expertise to your audience so they can experience a win! You will do this in exchange for their email address.
  • Take that email address and nurture them and love on them until they are ready to say YES to becoming your customer!


$ 350
  • 1 hour Zoom call to discuss your one-liner and landing page
  • 1 hour Zoom call to discuss your lead generator and email nurture campaign
  • Coaching through the various pieces of a sales funnel and tips on creating yours.
  • Crystal is available to you via email for 30 days following your calls to give feedback and review for the various sales funnel pieces you have created!
  • Follow along workbook included

All In Experience

$ 1,200
  • Includes follow along workbook
  • Includes everything in the "guided" tier
  • Your one-liner with a professional copywriter's touch
  • Landing page content creation and page layout design
  • Lead Generator PDF content creation and design*
  • Design and copywriting for 3 nurture emails**
  • Implementation of your nurture funnel and website page
Using different systems? No problem!

If you are using different systems, we are still happy to work with you on your Sales Funnel! We will just need to custom quote your project after vetting the systems you are in. Let’s get started with a Discovery Call!

Looking for something specific?

If you feel comfortable doing some parts of your sales funnel, but not all, we would love to chat with you! We believe that small business owners who DIY their own marketing are NOT in competition with us! We truly do want to help in any way possible. If you are looking for something really specific or need a custom project quoted for you, let us know! Just send an email to crystal@oakescreativehouse.com to start the conversation!

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