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STOP making it hard for people to buy from you

There is a common thread that I see often when talking with business owners about why they hate sales.

While putting together packages, service bundles, product bundles, specials, etc… has always come a bit second nature to me, I realize this is not the case for everyone. I believe that the majority of small business owners are simply making their services/products too hard to understand and they are making it WAYYYY too hard for someone to give them money at the end of the day.

We need to remember that in the customer/business relationship you are working so hard to build,

You are the leader!

Don’t fall into this trap of waiting around in your inbox and being like, “Well, my client never really told me what they wanted me to do.” Take them by the hand and lead them through an experience that will turn them into a lifelong lover of your brand.

Here are a few areas of your business that I think deserve a second look:

Service/Product Buckets

I think a great first step is to start back at square one with a list of your services and/or products. Then, take another step back and ask yourself – what categories do these actually fall into? Because if you just plop all of them onto one page together, then you’re really confusing people. It’s too much for them to look at. When they land on your website or you’re sitting down to talk to them for the first time, you need to be able to tell them – here’s what I do! I’m talking about the overview of what you do, not the details. 

It’s time to talk to your potential customers about the high level version of what you do without bogging them down in the details until they are ready!

Design something to sell that fills their need

When you take the time to get to know your ideal customer like the back of your hand (I’ve always found that saying strange 🤔 – but hey let’s roll with it), that is when you can start to level up your business and actually design products and services to fill their needs. This can even be achieved in how you bundle your products or services together. What problems do they face? Do you know? If not, I would highly recommend an ideal customer exercise for your business. (Not sure where to start? I have a FREEBIE for you that will help!) When you know them, you’re not selling yourself every time. Instead, you’re talking to them like a friend.

Are your products and services truly filling a need in your ideal customer’s lives? If not, how can you position them that way?

Good, Better, Best Options

Let’s face it, great salespeople know phycology! They understand what a person’s mind is pondering when deciding to make a purchase. They then position what they are selling to answer those questions. I believe Good, Better, Best options are the first step in designing an experience for your clients. 

I literally couldn’t think of another way to illustrate this other than dogs. And if you know me, you know, I love my dogs. 

A playful beagle dog sitting in the grass.


A business owner's guide to sales tips and techniques.


Three dogs lounging on the ground.


So let’s talk about why we’re doing it this way. If you don’t create packages that allow the customer to decide which level of service is right for them, you’re really putting yourself in a trap to be perceived as expensive or inexpensive.

“Hey, crystal, I want to hire you for a logo design. What do you charge?”

And I’m like, “Oh yep. I do logos. It’s going to cost you a thousand dollars.” 

Then I end the conversation.

They now have the chance to go back and say, Oh, that’s really expensive. Or on the flip side, ooh, that’s really inexpensive. And let me tell you right now, pricing is so subjective that someone will come to you and say you’re expensive and literally the same day someone else can say that you’re inexpensive. 

So instead by having this good, better, best scenario, you’re saying:

“Yes, oh my gosh, I do offer logo designs. I would love to help you with that. Here are my options.” Now the ball is in their court. You are leading them through a buying experience, but ultimately leaving the choice of how much they are willing to invest up to them!

Psychology would tell us that people will naturally gravitate towards that middle option. They’re like, “ah, I can’t decide. I’m just going to go for the middle one.”

So, design the middle package for what you actually want to sell! Then, think about what you could add to it in order to create a fantastic experience for your client (the best package) and think about what you could take away from it to remove the barrier to entry for a customer who isn’t ready for that level yet (the good package).

Stop making it hard for people to give you money

This should be the easiest thing! The big issues I see here often:

  1. Just accept the credit cards with a processor who has reasonable fees and be done with it! If you are requiring people to write you checks, remembering to bring in cash, etc.. you are making it too hard! It isn’t your customer’s problem that you haven’t figured out your finances well enough to account for processing fees! < eek, I said it! 🤦🏼‍♀️ >
  2. Go onto your website and purchase your products or sign up for your services often! Break down the steps. Where can you make this easier and less cumbersome for your customers? If you are a brick and mortar store, ask for feedback or bring in a secret shopper!

I’m gonna give you a little bit of truth here…

😂 Sorry I had to ^ 😂 

Sales are hard because you are making it hard! Block off some time to work ON your business instead of in it. I believe THIS is the way out of the water. THIS is how you see what is truly going on and step back for long enough to decide what can use improvement. 

You’ve got this!



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