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Success Stories: Pamela Prather Coaching

If you’re a client, regular reader, or strategic partner, you may already know that I have a huge passion for small business owners and helping them grow their brands and their dreams.

Today I wanted to share a fantastic success story about one of my most treasured clients, Pamela Prather Coaching.

When I first had the opportunity to work with Pamela Prather, renowned executive coach, NYU & Yale professor, author (and so much more 😍), I was elated and admittedly a bit intimidated! What a dream client, right? 

Pamela first came to me as a referral for a website. We were able to help Pamela create a fresh look and feel for her brand with an updated logo design that mirrored both her personality and tone. Coupled with a branded photoshoot and a gorgeous new website, her brand presence is now on point! We also partner on smaller graphic design projects like Keynote presentations, and sticker designs. 

One day, we started having deeper conversations about her brand and her goals and ultimately decided it was time for Pamela to dive into coaching! As a visionary with SO many amazing ideas for her business, what Pamela really needed was someone who understood and could help her prioritize these ideas.

“You could call her a business designer. She knows how to take my ideas and make them better.” – Pamela.

Sometimes our coaching one-on-ones are used to help make her big dreams more manageable, holding her accountable, offering insight, or just listening.

“Crystal listens deeply, and she’s very curious, and to me, these are characteristics that make a great coach.” – Pamela.

We’ve developed an amazing relationship both professionally and personally, so when she told me that her gross income has doubled since she started working with me, it was a fantastic feeling all around! I LOVE seeing my clients grow and thrive and honestly believe that their success is my success. 

Does any of that sound like some magic you need in your life? Let’s schedule a conversation and see if we vibe!

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