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I’m SO bad at sales!

Be honest, have you ever made a statement like this one? I would venture to guess that you have.

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I hear every day from business owners of all different backgrounds, industries and confidence levels just how bad they think they are at sales.

There is a BIG misconception out there that you either “have it” or you “don’t” when it comes to sales.

Friends, this simply isn’t the case. Give me 5 minutes of your time and let me change your mind!

What’s the problem with sales?

First things first, the reason you feel bad at sales is because you don’t have your informational ducks in a row. It’s likely that you really believe in your product or service – otherwise you wouldn’t be doing this!! It’s also likely that you, badass business owner, are confident in yourself and in your ability to speak to others.

So the problem really is that the details and message behind what you are selling and how you are selling it isn’t foolproof enough for you to talk about it freely. 🤯

YOU are good at selling what you know and love.

Have you ever recommended your favorite restaurant or movie to a friend? Sure you have! We all do it! I’m suuuucchh a foodie that I make restaurant recommendations almost every day.

You see, these conversations are easy to have. I absolutely love the oat milk latte at my favorite coffee shop, the chicken shawarma at my favorite mediterranean street food restaurant and the cashew mac and cheese at my favorite vegan restaurant. I know the best times to go, what to order on the menu and usually have a few other unsolicited tips for you along the way.

I have no doubt that you can do this too with some of your favorite things. Pay attention the next time you make a recommendation to a friend. Did you sound passionate? Was it easy? Were they excited?

Of course they were!! Now the challenge becomes creating this same effect for the thing you have to sell.

Begging for business isn’t the answer.

When you know what you are selling, why it’s important to your audience and how easy it is for them to move forward – you are no longer begging for business. Instead you are leading this new “friend” through a journey of exploration for your product and service. 

Here is a quick little sales formula for you to use:

  1. Start by asking them why they are reaching out to you. LISTEN more than you talk here!
  2. Next, dive deeper into one of the problems they mention (they will, trust me) that you have a solution for. Don’t pitch the product/service yet. Just have a candid conversation with them about how you recognize their problem.
  3. Then, talk to them about your solution. What product or service do you have that can help them? How does it help them?
  4. After that, dive into how they get started. What do next steps look like?
  5. Finally, wrap up with Q&A to alleviate any concerns they have.

Remember! Sales are more about THEM than YOU.

It’s time to change the precedent in your mind about sales. When you are SO focused on getting the sale in the door for YOU, it actually causes you to lose sight of what you are doing here in the first place. Life is about helping those around you. When you apply this concept to sales, it’s easy! You just focus on them more than you focus on you. Keep the conversation about them, provide them easy solutions, and cut steps out of the process to free up their time. 

YOU can do this!! Repeat after me…. I AM good at sales!!


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