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The Power of a Strong Network of Learners

As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard over and over the importance of networking. It is essential to building a business! But I know how hard it can be to implement vague advice from a number of people who all claim to be experts.


“Find a mentor!”

“Ask for help!”

You’ve likely heard all of these quite a few times. As have I! I’ve even given advice along these lines. They ARE important as you grow your business. However… I know that you’re more likely to take the advice if it’s given with a bit more detail behind it.

So, let me show you…

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How to Find “Your People”

Networking is important, but you can’t just blindly approach it without direction or purpose. With how much incredible information is out there, casting too wide of a net can be overwhelming. You need to decide on a specific group of people to connect with. I recommend a group of business owners who are actively pursuing education, looking to grow and have empathy for growing pains. Bonus points if they’re zeroed in on improving their marketing.

A group with those qualifications is broad enough that you should be able to find them pretty easily, but narrow enough that you won’t be bombarded with information you don’t have time to get through.

What are the benefits of a good networking group?


A young woman harnessing the power of learning at a desk with a laptop and cell phone.

And with the shared pursuit of education, you’ll have a group who knows what it’s like to invest in something new, manage expectations versus reality and actively seek out opportunities to become a better business owner. And THAT is a group of people you want to be around – empathetic go-getters!

In terms of marketing, simply being around a group of engaged entrepreneurs will elevate how you think about your business. Exploring tactics outside of your comfort zone and taking advice from those who have a few more years of experience diversifies how you think about marketing and what it means to interact with your customers. Plus, who doesn’t like having a few cheerleaders on the sidelines as you tackle the challenges of growing your business?

So where do you begin?

Any and all of these places are great starting points to begin networking, especially when you know who you’re looking for. It’s much easier to get burnt out or distressed when you’re pursuing growth on your own. When you have a group of people rooting for you who have been where you are or are with you right now, oh boy does it make a difference! Your growth will sky rocket before you know it.

Before you dive into a new strategy or project, find your group. Your people. You’ll want to have them for when you have questions or things get tough. And, celebrations will be 100x better with people to celebrate with you. I know I’ll be cheering you on!

Without further ado, it’s time to network!

Cheers, Crystal

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