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Forget What You Learned in High School English

How to Write Engaging Blog Posts

There – I said it!

You DON’T need to use everything you learned in school after all.

When it comes to blog writing, your K-12 years can only bring you so far. Blogs come in all shapes and sizes, and there really isn’t one sure-fire way to write them. But, if you’re writing blogs to draw customers into your business, there are some valuable guidelines you can follow to get the most out of each blog post.

Let’s get down to basics…

YES – proper spelling is important

YES – you should have an “attention grabber”

YES – you should cite your sources

NO – you don’t need to write in complete paragraphs

NO – you don’t have to use just one exclamation point

NO – you don’t have to use third person

While I said you should forget what you learned in school, it’s important that you carry over a few rules. Whether you’re writing to draw people to your website, promoting your product or reflecting on current world happenings, people will read what you’ve written. It’s important that they’re drawn in and understand what you’re saying. Double checking your work for proper spelling and making sure you can back up your statistics is imperative. If your work is written well with integrity, you’ll become more trustworthy.

BUT – this also isn’t an essay.

When writing blog posts, really lean into your brand voice. Are you upbeat and witty? Empathetic and curious? Informative and educational? While you can be any mix of these and more, it’s important that you settle into a voice that is unique to your brand. Loosen up and discover what resonates with you and your customers. Try not to be too stiff or predictable. Your paragraphs don’t have to be 3-5 sentences long. Create a format that engages the reader.

And… have fun with it!

You are the boss of your own content now. There are no teachers grading your work. Just customers who seek to relate with and understand you. As long as you are creating relatable, engaging content consistently, you’re set. And you’ll have the analytics and sales to show for it.

Let your creative freedom run wild!

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