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Your image, the way you act around others, the way you treat others, the way you position yourself for success, the manner in which you carry yourself - THIS is Your PERSONAL Brand!

My Not To Do List

Let me see if this is accurate – you probably find yourself pulled in a million directions, on a regular basis? Feeling exhausted at the end of the day, not quite sure of what you actually accomplished? Constantly feeling like you are disappointing those around you – because you just can’t be everything to everyone …
You may think it’s easy to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, but is it really? Let’s think for a second about the thought process a customer goes through in making a decision.  First, the customer wants to solve a problem in their life and they hear about your company. Then, they visit your website in order to …

Help? Can anyone find me?

Let’s face it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a REALLY scary term. OF COURSE we all want to be the first thing that comes up when someone types a relevant search term for our business into Google… but in paying for SEO what are you really getting and how can you be sure you are benefitting …
I’m going to talk about a topic that is weighing heavily on my mind and one that I KNOW has a major effect on not only small business owners but everyone out there “adulting”. Let’s get real for a second, it’s not easy! However, I feel that for some crazy reason we were all taught to find the perfect way to “do life” and stick with it. I’m calling BS! It’s a myth! Break the cycle please and do not teach your children this!
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To post or not to post…

With so much varying information out there about the “right” and “wrong” way to do digital marketing, I am going to go out on a limb here and take a different approach.

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