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Yearly Marketing Roadmap

What would you like for your business to achieve during the coming year? Improve your brand image and clarify your message? Create …

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Your Marketing Needs BRANDING!

Marketing vs Branding. I get asked all of the time, is there really a difference? I could give you the long drawn out answer of why there is but let’s keep it short and sweet:

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Your Personal Brand

Your image, the way you act around others, the way you treat others, the way you position yourself for success, the manner in which you carry yourself - THIS is Your PERSONAL Brand!

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My Not To Do List

Let me see if this is accurate – you probably find yourself pulled in a million directions, on a regular basis? Feeling …

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You may think it’s easy to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, but is it really? Let’s think for a second about the …

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Help? Can anyone find me?

Let’s face it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a REALLY scary term. OF COURSE we all want to be the first thing …

logo design

Your brand is communicating in a visual language, do you know what tone it's speaking in? I know what it feels like to need some direction to find out what it is that your brand should truly represent. So I did something fun! I put together a little quiz for you to find out your brand’s style.

Who is this for?

💁‍♀️ Newbies who don’t even have a business name yet.

🤷🏼‍♀️ Business owners who have DIY’d their own branding up to this point.

🙋🏾‍♀️ Seasoned pros who just want to check to see if they are on track.