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Own Your Customer Experience

June already? How in the WORLD did that happen so fast? 6 months into 2019 and at times I feel like I have accomplished nothing and then at times I feel like I have accomplished EVERYTHING!

Don’t ever forget that no matter how far into the year it is, today is a NEW day and a new chance to begin again and make a change for the better. Whether that is starting a new diet, a new self care routine, jumping into writing a blog for your website, finally nailing down that social media campaign or even starting fresh with a new aspect of your business, it is NEVER too late!

Now, let’s talk for a minute about OWNING your customer experience. This same concept can be applied to the experience they get when they walk into your store, the experience they receive when they start a new service with you, etc… but for today let’s talk about the experience they receive from your company when they visit you online. I’m not just talking about just your website, when they visit you ANYWHERE online!

WHY is this important? Over the years I have had a lot of people say to me:

Why do I need a website, all of my customers are on Facebook?

Let me answer this question in this simple way… when you operate your business 100% on a social media platform you are saying, “OK Zuckerberg, YOU essentially own my business. YOU control how my client’s interact with my brand, YOU control when, where and how often my customer’s see information about my brand and YOU ultimately control whether they see it at all.” If you are ok with giving another person THAT MUCH control over your company, by all means, keep doing what you do.

If you read that and thought, “WHOA! Not cool!” then it’s time to think about what YOUR brand’s space looks like online. When you own your space online, you 100% control your client experience. To quote the amazing Jenna Kutcher, “Social Media is your handshake. Your website is where your clients first really, truly immerse themselves in your brand.”

I’m here to tell you that this does NOT have to be complicated. With websites, it’s ok to start small and work big to get to your end goal! If you are a hands on, DIY type person, dive in to creating something simple to start with and then continuing to work on the information presented online to always be improving your customer experience.

Map out your Customer Experience

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