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To post or not to post…

With so much varying information out there about the “right” and “wrong” way to do digital marketing, I am going to go out on a limb here and take a different approach.

I know that many people say things like, “Do NOT post anything to Instagram that isn’t absolutely PERFECT or WHY on Earth would you share that article on your page”. I might get a bit of backlash for this, but I FIRMLY believe that if you halt all digital marketing in order to create the perfect message, photo, video, etc.. you are paralyzing your business. Let’s face it, even the idea of perfect is so subjective. A photo that you like, might not be well received by your audience. However, a photo that you don’t care for as much might be the perfect fit for them. 
I believe that you have to keep a consistency in posting regularly, no matter what! The algorithms are NOT on your side when it comes to posting nothing and waiting 3 weeks to find the perfect thing to post. 

create something worth criticizing

When crafting a post, choosing a photo, taking a video, writing a blog, etc.. start with asking yourself these 3 simple questions: 

  1. Is my post something that authentically represents my brand, or am I forcing it?
  2. Is this a topic that I want my brand to take a stance on?
  3. Is this imagery offensive or SUCH bad quality that you cannot even tell what product/service I am selling?

Of course there is MUCH more to a great marketing strategy than just this simple approach, but you HAVE to just put something out there! The feedback from your audience is the #1 important thing, but you can’t get that if you don’t even put ANYTHING out there! Then, be addicted to making little improvements along the way and when in doubt hire a social media manager to take the stress away!

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being authentic and consistent!

be addicted to bettering your business - Crystal

100 Social Media Post Topics

100 Social Media Post Topics for FREE… WHAT?!

I get it, sometimes the hardest thing to do is just to start. That blank page (or Facebook post box) can be super daunting. So I sat down and challenged myself to write down 100 post ideas for small businesses that YOU can start using today to fuel your social marketing calendar.

I didn’t think I could really come up with 100, but super proud of myself that I did! 

100 social media post topics freebie

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