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Map Out Your Customer Experience

You may think it’s easy to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, but is it really? Let’s think for a second about the thought process a customer goes through in making a decision. 

Why do I need a website, all of my customers are on Facebook?

First, the customer wants to solve a problem in their life and they hear about your company. Then, they visit your website in order to gather information about your company. Think about the goal they are trying to achieve and that will lead you to think about the type of information they need to gather.  

Let’s use the example that they are looking to find a new hairstylist. They probably want to know what services are offered, what price range these services are in to make sure it fits their budget, where the salon is located to make sure it is not a far drive from work or home, what hours the stylist is available to make sure it is convenient for them and then overall does the salon and/or stylist align with their overall style and do they have the experience needed to complete the job.

Complicated huh? Even if you start there, that is just providing the information that the customer wants to know and not really solving the underlying problem… what ACTION do you want them to take after they have absorbed this information! When they are ready to pull the trigger, they should immediately see a call to action right then that encourages them to book that appointment! 

Here are the three main questions your website should answer for your customer:

  1. What do you offer?
  2. How will it make my life better?
  3. What do I need to do to buy it? 

Here are the main elements your site should include to answer those questions:

  1. header statement that says what you do. Don’t get cute, plain and simple is best!
  2. An obvious call to action.
  3. Explain what problem your product/service is solving for them.
  4. Success! Tell what great thing will happen when they purchase your product/service.
  5. Tell in 3 easy steps how your product/service works – what they can expect.

Website Customer Journey

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