Love Your Business

As a business owner, we all have days, weeks and even months when we’re hustling. Our plates are so full that sometimes emails get buried, calls go unreturned or zoom meetings get missed.

A full plate is usually a good sign that business is booming. However, the overwhelm that accompanies it can lead to a negative mindset. 

Thoughts can creep up, like:

If any of these resonated with you, know this—you are not alone. I’ve been there and would venture to guess we all have.

When we’re overwhelmed, it’s easy to beat ourselves up and forget why we started doing the work in the first place.

How would you respond to a peer or colleague who came to you complaining about being overwhelmed? Who felt like a failure? Who wanted to throw in the towel and walk away?

My hunch is you wouldn’t tell them it’s a great idea because they weren’t cut out for this.

Yet, those are the very things we tell ourselves as business owners every single day.

Why is it okay to lift other entrepreneurs up while inside we’re tearing ourselves down? The answer is—it’s not okay.

Your words matter, even if they’re never spoken aloud. The words you say to yourself about yourself, your customers and your business—they all matter.

It’s time you stop beating yourself up and start embracing the capable, powerful and talented business owner you were born to be.

Here’s a simple, easy exercise that can help you do that.

Write your business a "love" letter.

To get started:


Love letters to your business can help shift the inner narrative about what’s happening.

Clients who’ve done this exercise with me before often say they’re kinder and more compassionate to themselves, and subsequently their employees and clients, as a result of this practice.

Write a letter daily. Or, write it once and read it over and over and over again until the words sink in.

Your work in this world matters. You matter. Remember why you started and keep showing up, friend.

Below is a sample letter I wrote to get you started.

Dear Simply Mandi Coaching,

You are incredible. Really, you are. Sure, you have your challenging times, but who doesn’t. The way you show up for your clients makes me so proud. You ensure they feel seen, heard and loved. I often wish you’d do the same for yourself. You deserve the same time, attention and energy. Let’s make that a priority going forward.

Thinking of where you’re headed excites me – 6-figure sales, women’s retreats in Bali, a TEDx talk, and a new journal featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things. Because of your work, women find more peace, joy and confidence. You have such a bright future, and I’m grateful to have a front row seat to the action.

Until next time, Mandi

About Mandi:

Mandi Briggs is a life coach, yogi, and owner of the female-only coworking space The Collective whose work inspires women across the globe to live a bold, brave and authentic life. She lives a life of adventure, takes risks based on her intuition, and turns negative self-talk into love + gratitude on the regular. Through one-on-one coaching, published works, retreats, workshops, and yoga classes, she helps women gain clarity and confidence to take inspired action toward the life they desire. Helping people discover more joy and peace while realizing all that is possible lights her up!

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