Woman in white shirt and black pants with a brown and black huskie

Business Besties & Dog Ears – What the Heck?!

This is gonna sound totally random but, I LOVE dog ears!

I love how one side will perk up over the other when you’re talking to them or how the floppy ones fold back when they’ve been napping hard or how about those pics that capture the ears stretched out like airplane wings when a dog is flying through the air in mid-leap?! Let’s not skim over how wonderful they feel when you’re massaging their heads and gently pull that silky or fluffy ear through your thumb & fingers. Ahhh. Just thinking about rubbing my dog’s ears immediately sends me into relaxed mode & floating into happy land.

Snap! Back to reality and I'm sitting in front of my computer daydreaming because I have once again run into a mental roadblock.

This isn’t the first time, in fact, it’s pretty common for a growing business owner to get stuck.

Today was the day I decided to begin working on my ‘big idea’. You know, the one that’s going to be my evergreen, my additional line of income, my solution that can help EVERYONE when I can’t be 100% present? Yeah. That one. I’ve been planning it for MONTHS.

But now I have questions. I need advice. I need honest, knowledgeable opinions. If only I had someone who understood me & my personality.

Well, I do have a couple of close friends but they don’t have a clue about my industry. So not going to call them. Then there’s my husband and he’s great! But he almost knows me too well. He gives great advice, but I need a different perspective. I’ll just put him in my back pocket just in case. What I need are some business besties, some industry partners, some EARS that understand & offer solid solutions.

Can you relate?

As biz owners, we’ve all been in this struggle of needing people with whom we can reach out to and have multiple ears to listen. Within the past couple of years, I realized this and began building those business relationships and creating a circle of people I could trust and rely on when I needed to get unstuck.

Would you believe this small circle has turned into a thriving group on Facebook full of business besties who “get it”? (You’re invited btw, all because you’re reading this! *wink*). Honestly, this isn’t meant to be a plug for the most awesome Facebook group on the social planet @fortheloveofbusiness (cough! cough!), but rather a plug for business support. Make sure that you have some trusty ears that will perk up, listen & advise when you need business help.

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