It’s time to get serious about elevating your business presence.

March 1 – August 30, 2024

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Get Ready for BIG Change

Feeling overwhelmed by marketing tasks? Does your list never end? Confused on where to start?

We’ve got the deep dive you NEED.


Does marketing overwhelm you? Are you scrambling to do it all? Are you paralyzed, lost on where to start?

Sure, a brand design, marketing strategy, sales-focused website and strategic social media are all important, but man do they take time to implement! What if you had a helping hand?

What if you had a marketing expert at your disposal to answer the questions that come up along the way? 

Our Marketing Mastery Membership is for business owners like you who are on the verge of reaching the next level, but are struggling to find the time, energy and expertise to implement your work. Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs alike can benefit from this personalized, high level marketing program!

And, we WILL hold you accountable to finally creating successful marketing for your business.

We’re application based to ensure we curate a group that is mutually beneficial for everyone involved! If accepted, you are allowed 2 additional members in our Slack channel and unlimited team members in your implementation sessions.


In our Marketing Mastery Membership, you’ll benefit from…

This is where we’ll work one-on-one on your actual marketing. We’ll edit social captions, audit your website, explore branding options – you name it! Plus, you can invite as many team members as you’d like to make big moves.

Gain real time feedback on your marketing projects from Crystal, the Oakes Creative House team, and other mastery members. We aim to have you feedback within 24 hours M-Th.

Not already a member of The Marketing Lounge? Well you’re about to gain access to our training catalog as well as templates you can implement into your business marketing right away!

Marketing plans (or strategies) are in-depth looks at your marketing and business positioning. It’ll show you where you are now, what your next steps are, and where you’re headed.

Looking to build a new website? Maybe you need a complete brand refresh? Continue to benefit from our expertise by investing in one of our services for 20% OFF!

Take our DIY marketing course (valued at $795) to further improve your business marketing.


The Marketing Mastery Membership kicks off March 1, 2024 and will run through August 30, 2024. That’s a full 6 months of exclusive access to Crystal and the Oakes Creative House team!

Let’s Talk Numbers

$ 1,083/month 6 month program ($6,500 total)
  • Only 6 spots available
  • Brand, Website and Social Media Audit during the onboarding process
  • One-on-one implementation sessions with you and Crystal to get shit done, ask questions and level up.
    90 minutes at the beginning of every month.
    Option for in person if local with space rental upcharge
    One recorded session shared with the group
    Can bring as many team members and vendors as necessary to make big moves
  • Group chat access for feedback from the Oakes Creative House team and other inner circle members on your marketing projects.
    24 hour feedback timeline M-Th
    Can add up to 2 team members to the channel to work together
  • Access to The Marketing Lounge and everything it comes with
  • Marketing plan delivered to you at the end of the 6 month membership
  • 20% discount on eligible Oakes Creative House Services
  • Access to the Business Marketing Done Right online course - valued at $795

Your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Crystal Oakes, Founder of Oakes Creative House


Did you know that hiring a chief marketing officer can cost you upwards of $2,500-5,000 a month?

With the work they do, it’s worth it! CMOs are often responsible for establishing a marketing strategy, innovating and thinking 3 steps ahead, and adapting to problems as they come up. They empower business owners and team members to do the work that needs to be done to achieve their goals.

It’s a HUGE benefit to a business, especially one that’s growing or hopes to grow exponentially soon. BUT, when you’re caught somewhere in between small business and big business, that much money is often not in the budget.

I got to thinking… How could I help growing businesses and entrepreneurs and provide that marketing support? How could I scale it to meet their unique needs?

Thus, the Marketing Mastery Membership was born.

I pull from my 15+ years of experience in business and marketing to provide you with exclusive resources to amplify your business. In those years, I’ve worked with large brands such as Johnathan Kayne from Project Runway and the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City. Plus, I’ve strategized and implemented branding in 22 countries within 8 languages, and come from a family of entrepreneurs. Needless to say, I GET IT! 

I’ve seen too many businesses suffer from not having the time, expertise or drive to work on their marketing, so I decided it was about time I step in to help.

I want to help you create a brand that you are proud of and a marketing strategy that is easy to implement.

It’s about time you really dive deep into your marketing and scale your business, and I can help.

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Money & Mindset

Of course, we want and need to earn money. Our businesses should be a source of income, probably our primary source of income.

Investing in the Marketing Mastery Membership will exponentially increase your sales strategies and outcomes.

BUT – that’s not all!

In addition to improving your bottom line, you will also…

We understand the value of both money AND mindset. We’ll help you improve both!

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Our Marketing in Action

Our Marketing Mastery Membership isn’t our only endeavor!

We are a full-scale marketing agency, serving clients across industries! Take a look at the marketing expertise you’re benefiting from.

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