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Small Business Marketing Tips for Beginners (& Experts)

Marketing is NOT simple.

Sorry to burst your bubble… it just isn’t as easy as many people want you to believe. For one, marketing rapidly changes. It’s no longer limited to the art deco, quippy ads of the 1960s (any Mad Men fans out there? 👋). Now, there are a wide variety of platforms, techniques, requirements and laws for you to follow and engage with when marketing your business. In fact, look around you. I bet you can find AT LEAST three forms of marketing around you right now.

Don’t believe me? Well, I’ll give you a hint: this blog is a piece of marketing for my business. Another bubble burst. 😬 Additionally, any posters, social media posts, branded clothing or Starbucks cups (and the list goes on) are marketing pieces. That doesn’t make the people behind those pieces any less real or their efforts any less earnest, it’s just the reality of the world we live in.

Marketing is simply too large and all-encompassing to be simple.

If you believe in your business (and you should!), you need to put in the work to make the marketing work. You need to stand out!

So, while I’m not saying marketing is a breeze, there are a few things you can do to make a dent in your business goals. A good place to start is with your recurring marketing assets. Think blogs, newsletters and social media. Since they’re recurring, they’re easier to master over time. Here are few things to keep in mind as you start ⬇

Recurring Marketing Tips

  1. Set goals related to marketing – Before doing anything else, set goals. What are you hoping to achieve?
  2. Create a digital presence – People WILL be looking for you online. Make sure everything is updated! Additionally, your social media should link to a website and your website should link out to your social media – it’s essential for a quality user experience!
  3. Choose a monthly topic – Having a set topic per month makes your social media, blogging and emailing SO much easier. Write a blog about the topic of the month, then write your emails followed by social media posts. Repurposing content is smart, not lazy!
  4. Keep content flowing – Keep your content consistent. It does not have to be daily, just set a number of days you’ll post on social media a week and how often you’ll release a blog. Consistency is key to keeping your customers engaged.
  5. Create a system – A system is essential to keeping everything in check. Choose a date each month to have all content done by. Leave room for last second changes and edits. Find a project management system to relieve yourself from having to remember everything – we use Asana!
  6. Use FREE resources – There are many chances for you to level-up your marketing game for free. Whether you like videos, podcasts or printable materials, there are options galore! In fact, we have a few of our own – check them out!

While marketing isn’t simple, especially if you aren’t a marketer at heart, it becomes simpler the more you do it. If you stick to it, you’ll notice growth. You’ll feel less overwhelmed. You’ll feel a newfound sense of confidence having learned a new skill. You’ll feel secure knowing that your business is growing and so are you. How does that sound?

Need a Hand?

Do you have an absolutely booked schedule and need a helping hand? That’s exactly why I built Oakes Creative House! There’s no need to sacrifice your family life and personal time. If you have the means to hire an expert – do it. At OCH, we work with small businesses like yours to help them leverage their unique qualities and strengthen their business. Let’s get started. Get on our books!

Whether you are starting the marketing adventure alone, or are ready to ask for help, take a deep breath. You’re moving into new territory, and in the right direction. Before you know it, you’ll have mastered the complex world of marketing. Can you picture it? Go into this new adventure with peace and confidence. We’ll be here to help when you need it! ❤️


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