Hand-drawn home logo


A minimalist, hand-drawn home logo exuding a rustic charm.

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This logo design embodies simplicity and elegance. The hand-drawn representation of a home serves as a focal point, suggesting a craftsmanship-centered approach, which resonates well with the construction and masonry industry. Its sketched design brings out a rustic vibe, making it feel organic and personal. Coupled with the flowing, elegant script typography, it creates a harmonious blend of professionalism with a touch of personal connection.

The hand-drawn nature of this logo allows for various customization options. One could easily integrate different color schemes, seamlessly add a business tagline, or even adjust the home’s design to better reflect a specific architectural style.

This unique hand-drawn home logo is one of a kind. Once it finds its perfect match, rest assured, it won’t be available for resale, ensuring its distinctiveness for your brand.


Black, Gray

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