Homey doorway logo


A chic and welcoming homey doorway logo that exudes urban elegance.

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This “homey doorway logo” is a testament to sophisticated design meeting a touch of homeliness. Set against a mustard-yellow backdrop, the striking red door stands as a symbol of welcoming warmth. Flanking it is a green potted plant, representing life and vibrancy, adding to the logo’s charm. The golden and blue typography below complements the overall design, reflecting a touch of elegance and professionalism. Together, the colors and elements blend seamlessly, capturing the essence of an urban home with a heart.

The logo’s adaptable nature allows for various customization options. From color alterations that can better suit a brand’s identity to the seamless integration of a business name or a unique tagline, this logo can be tailored to fit diverse branding needs.

Once this logo finds its home, it promises exclusivity. Rest assured, upon purchase, it won’t grace any other brand’s identity. It’s as unique as the homes it represents.


Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Yellow

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