Urban landscape logo


Dive into the city’s green heart with this urban landscape logo, capturing the essence of modern nature in every detail.

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This urban landscape logo seamlessly marries city vibes with the natural world. At its core, a detailed green leaf stands out, showcasing intricate veins and textures – a symbol of the thriving green spaces found within urban environments.

The bold “URBAN JUNGLE” typography in muted green further solidifies this, while the subtitle “Landscaping & Lawncare” in a softer gray ensures the brand’s services are unmistakably clear. Together, these elements craft a brand identity that promises a touch of nature in the bustling city.

Tailor this logo to fit your brand perfectly. Alter its colors, incorporate your business name, or integrate a personalized tagline to make it uniquely yours.

Once you’ve made this urban landscape logo yours, rest assured it won’t be sold again. Its uniqueness is solely reserved for you.


Gray, Green

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