The Anatomy of a Sales Funnel Workbook


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The Anatomy of a Sales Funnel Workbook – $15

So many businesses jump right to social media marketing as the way to increase customers. However, they often are disappointed when those followers never convert into buyers! This happens because either they were not clear on the type of customers they were marketing to, or because when that person went from social media onto their website, there was no clear process for them to go through. How frustrating is it to spend your time and hard earned marketing dollars with no end result. Ultimately we are here to pay the bills right?

Insert Sales Funnels!

While I may be a bit of a nerd about this topic, I think they are so much fun to create! I’ve realized though that many business owners get stuck with “blank page syndrome” and have no idea where to start. That is why I have put my sales funnel experience into a workbook just for you! Now you can DIY your own sales funnel while at the same time gaining the core knowledge behind each step of a sales funnel process. As a business owner, when you start to understand why some of these foundational marketing tools work, it is much easier to attach either time or monetary value to them.

So I’ve written down the steps to get you there and laid this out in an interactive way. As an extra bonus, I’ve even recorded some off the cuff videos to guide you through the workbook!

In The Anatomy of a Sales Funnel Workbook you will:

  • Start with goal setting! This is huge in making sure throughout creating your sales funnel you aren’t jumping all over the place and you have a clear goal in mind.
  • Create a one-liner that grabs the viewer’s attention and explains how you solve the problem they face.
  • Wireframe your landing page. This can be the home page of your website or a specific landing page just for this sales funnel!
  • Create a lead generator PDF or Video to give a piece of your expertise to your audience so they can experience a win! You will do this in exchange for their email address.
  • Take that email address and nurture them and love on them until they are ready to say YES to becoming your customer!

If after you have gone through the workbook you are still struggling with your sales funnel, I am here to help! I offer guided sales funnel sessions to help get you through the hurdles you faced while filling in the pages. Sometimes a third party perspective is just what you need!

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