Shielded Home Real Estate Logo


Presenting the ‘Shielded Home Real Estate Logo,’ the embodiment of safety and trust for realty services.

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The ‘Shielded Home Real Estate Logo’ communicates the essence of a sanctuary, with its centrally placed home symbol ensconced within a protective shield. This logo’s gray hue echoes the strength and resilience of a well-built home, while the gold of the shield signifies a premium and secure investment.

The bold red ribbon wraps the design with a wave of confidence, suggesting a thriving, dynamic real estate venture under the name ‘EQUITY Real Estate’. The ‘Shielded Home Real Estate Logo’ is a mark of reliability, designed to resonate with clients seeking a haven in their real estate endeavors.

This logo is not only an image but a promise of exclusivity and adaptability. It can be customized to fit any real estate brand’s unique identity and is sold just once, assuring you of a unique ‘Shielded Home Real Estate Logo’ to represent your business.


Gray, Red, Yellow

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