Four women standing in front of a desk with laptops, setting business boundaries.

How to Set Boundaries as a Business Owner

Hello fellow business owner!

Since you’ve clicked on this blog, you’re likely feeling stressed, overwhelmed and pushed to your limits. Or at least on the verge of one or all of the above.

Let me tell you – you are not alone. Business owners everywhere struggle with juggling taking care of their business, finding time for family, ensuring their employees are taken care of… you get the gist.

Running a business is NOT simple.

You likely feel pressured to be a jack of all trades and do it all for yourself, but ultimately, if you’re doing it all, you’ll burn yourself out.

Instead, it’s important that you set boundaries with yourself, family and coworkers so that you are your best self and are able to run your business well.

Here are just a few you can start with… okay TWENTY you can start with!

20 Ways You Can Set Boundaries to Save Your Business

  1. Set a hard limit on hours worked per week
  2. Set working/office hours and stick to them
  3. Establish hourly limits on individual projects
  4. Prioritize your work, establishing what has to get done first
  5. Give your undivided attention to one task at a time
  6. Communicate with family when you’ll be deep in work
  7. Take at least a week off per year (two or three is better!)
  8. Set your email away message when you’re out of office
  9. Turn off unnecessary notifications
  10. Be honest with yourself and your team about your workload
  11. Establish your personal values/morals and stick to them
  12. Communicate with customers how and when they can expect to hear from you
  13. Establish who you are willing to work with
  14. Create financial guidelines for your business spending
  15. Set aside alone time and time for self-care
  16. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses
  17. Be clear about your preferred form of communication
  18. Separate personal and professional life
  19. Prioritize your personal needs (i.e. doctors offices, therapy sessions)
  20. Reserve the right to change your mind

You and your business will thrive when you have healthy boundaries set.

There is no need to suffer for the sake of your business. If you feel your workload has grown too large, clients have taken advantage of you, your self-care has suffered or that you’ve missed out on quality family time, it’s important that you evaluate your boundaries.

Start with a few that are easily achievable and stick to them! Write them down and hold yourself accountable, then clearly communicate them with your team and family. Most people understand how important boundaries are and will respect them! (But, gentle reminders don’t hurt when necessary.)

You’ve got this. A healthy work/life/sanity balance is possible and you deserve it!

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