Time Management

Mini Course​

Are you controlling your schedule — or is it controlling you?

Do you often reach the end of your day or week, wondering where the time went or feeling like you accomplished nothing? Imagine what it would be like at the end of each month feeling like you actually took huge steps towards accomplishing your goals!

In the Take Back Your Time online course, we will dive into the most useful tactics and tips to help you take control of your schedule without it controlling you!

The perks:

  • Lifetime access + any updates down the road
  • Thoughtfully constructed follow along workbook

The truth is, you have more time than you think!

Does this sound familiar? “I stayed busy all week, but I’m honestly not even sure what I did?” or “I would love to but I can’t wrap my head around finding time for that!” or even “I’m always helping others with their to-dos but when it comes to my own goals, I’m always putting those last”

Let me bust a myth for you and say — You DO have the time for your goals, yourself and those daunting tasks that seem to always get put on the back burner! You CAN find a balance that works for you when it comes to wearing your business hat AND your mom, brother or friend hat.

It IS possible but only if you start to think about your time objectively and not like a closing window that always seems to be hanging over your head.

Your time is your time, and if you’re not spending it appropriately it’s costing you on multiple fronts. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take back YOUR time!

Take back your time and stay on track

What if I told you that achieving your dreams is possible without drowning in too much to do each week? What if I told you that finding the quality time to spend with your loved ones was an actual possibility?

You’re not alone in the struggle of managing time, in fact it’s one of the most common struggles I hear from fellow entrepreneurs. That’s why I created this step-by-step online course to talk you through the best tactics and tips for managing your schedule for optimum productivity AND satisfaction. 

A woman in a business suit expertly managing her time while using a laptop.

In this course you will learn:

In addition to the course workbook, you’ll also gain LIFETIME access to the program, including any updates that are released.

Are you ready to control your schedule, and not have your schedule controlling you?

We put education first

When we say we are truly here to be a partner and educate you, we mean it! We have an extensive library of resources designed for business owners just like you. We know how vital it is for you to learn as you build and we want to be a partner to you in that. 

Achieving success with Business Marketing Done Right.

Business Marketing Done Right

Marketing for your business can be overwhelming, confusing and can leave you feeling frustrated at the end of the day. But that doesn’t have to be the case! 

In the Business Marketing Done Right Course, I will lead you through everything you need to know to gain a baseline understanding of marketing for your small business. At the end of the course, in just 10 days or less, you will walk away with a customized, holistic marketing plan – the blueprint and roadmap for marketing your business.

Transform Your Sales Strategy!

Learn how to perfect your customer journey from first impression to retention. Gain insights from Crystal and the Oakes Creative House team through interactive sessions, expert guidance, and hands-on activities.

When: June 21, 2024, 9am-3pm

Where: Sandler, OKC

Cost: $175

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