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Client Profile

Client: Trévo Corporate

Headquarters: Oklahoma City, OK

Industry: Global Lifestyle Products

Trévo is a developer and marketer of Global Lifestyle Products including wellness, fitness, food/meals, personal development, technology, fashion and wealth-building. The conglomerate is the brain-child of CEO Mark Stevens, who began his company with a single, proprietary wellness enhancing drink called Trévo, which is still marketed in 23 countries. 

How It All Started

Trévo will always hold such a special place in my heart because it marks the end of my corporate career as an internal brand manager. The skillsets gained here have allowed me to bring more services than I imagined to the small business audience I now serve. The fact that I still consult for their team on a regular basis is such an amazing testament to the words I work to live my life by – Community Over Competition. While I have turned my career focus towards building Oakes Creative House into the go-to marketing partner for growing businesses, I love diving into the internal workings of a team and helping apply the principals I’ve learned over the years to helping that team grow and align with company goals. These principals are just as applicable in big business and global situations as they are to startups and small teams. 

Services Provided

Trévo brochure design mockup

Promotion Concepts + Design

In this industry, creative promotions are an incredible way to increase sales. From the written content to the promotional prizes – each element was perfectly branded to coordinate the design & message.

Trévo Event invitation design

Print Design + Global Ordering

Trévo prints material in 20+ countries at at times in upwards of 7 languages. In addition to the design and formatting I took care of budgeting and ordering for these pieces + training new staff members to do the same.

Trévo elevate promotion materials

Event Coordination + Design

I had the pleasure to travel to Africa 3 times with CEO, Mark Stevens, to facilitate events. These events ranged from small dinner gatherings to large productions with 5000+ guests. From the speaker scrips to the invites – every piece must convey the brand’s emotion and message.

two girls sitting on yoga mats drinking Trévo

Team Growth Exercises

From in-office team building, establishing effective on-boarding and training global staff to team building events in Turks & Caicos these things often get overlooked or put on the side burner. However, facilitating exercises well – big or small – is so important for team alignment.

computer screen with Trévo Slide Deck on screen

Branded Photography

While product photography is a must for anyone selling a physical item – often times showing off the product in use or the “lifestyle” behind the purchase is overlooked. From utilizing team members to outfitting a shoot with models and color coordinated elements doing regular shoots is a necessity!

Trévo Turks and Caicos team photo

Training + Presentation Design

Brands often overlook the internal training documents used for their in-house or sales staff. However, these people are the FIRST lovers of your brand. It is important to impress them as much as your potential customers.

“Before meeting Crystal, I didn’t think there was as strong a driver in business as myself. Her standard is excellence, she thrives on challenges and creates success in whatever she does. She has a keen sense of business and strategy in marketing and branding, combined with real life experience and futuristic ideas. We are truly grateful for all she has done for Trévo. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her!”

- Mark Stevens


Trévo was experiencing such accelerated growth in the international market that we could no longer rely on our part-time contractors to handle to job. We needed a Brand and Marketing Manager to a develop a full-time marketing department with the support staff we needed.  In addition, this person would need strategic planning skills to keep up with our fast growth and be able to work with multiple cultures and languages.

It was a hard position to fill, but of all the people we interviewed, Crystal Oakes was the most outstanding and promising. Besides being obviously talented and knowledgeable in her field, she had the drive, work ethic and determination to handle and meet the challenges we faced.


Crystal came on board as our Marketing and Brand Manager and created a structure for the marketing department, implemented all the processes and worked with me to develop our brand direction and the look and feel of our messaging. She proved she had the leadership to drive the department and accomplish our mission.

She also hired the talent we needed, managed all of the teams and helped launch our product in new countries as we expanded.  Crystal coordinated and directed our product design, packaging and all of our literature, plus our website and training for our people in the field.

After 3 years, Crystal wanted to fulfill her dream of starting her own business, but agreed to continue to consult with us, which she still does on a regular basis today by providing direction for our new brand soon to be launched in the U.S. We continue to utilize her as sounding board for our new trends and direction and in all phases of marketing and branding.



Transform Your Sales Strategy!

Learn how to perfect your customer journey from first impression to retention. Gain insights from Crystal and the Oakes Creative House team through interactive sessions, expert guidance, and hands-on activities.

When: June 21, 2024, 9am-3pm

Where: Sandler, OKC

Cost: $175

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