Websites that Make Sales

Our Website Philosophy

A simple, straightforward approach to beautiful & strategic websites!

Websites can be overwhelming for business owners and nonprofits. You started your business to do work that serves others while creating the life you always dreamed of.

Not to build a site.

It’s OKAY that you don’t know where to start or if your website is or isn’t doing it’s job. That’s where we come in. We help you create a website that is a key component of your business. It introduces people to who you are as an organization and helps convert them to lifelong fans of your brand. Your website should do more than just give information, it should make sales!

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What’s Included

Our websites are meant to not only look good, but to also serve you and your customers well. They’re strategic, sales-focused, and high-quality. What more could you ask for?!

We have a few levels of website packages, but this is what you can expect at any level. Pricing varies based on number of pages and advanced functionality. Our goal is to create a site that works FOR you.

The Oakes Creative House Difference

We’re different because we know what it means to be a small business trying to establish a professional digital presence.

Surprisingly, many high-prominence agencies don’t offer content creation within their website packages.

We do.

Content is an incredibly important piece of a sales-focused website. So, we include it in EVERY package. From a starter website to a custom site, you’ll receive well written, strategic content.

Our Process

Discovery phase for social media services is one week.

This phase kicks off once the contract is signed and a 50% deposit is received. In this phase, we will get to know you and gather all of the information we need to begin the site.

With website design as a key focus, this content project will enter its second phase and will span over a period of 3 weeks.

This phase kicks off once the content kick off meeting has been completed. In this phase, our content writer will create an easy-to-digest draft of your website copy and you’ll have the chance to review.

Website Design - phase 2 of the design process is scheduled to last for a duration of 3 weeks.

This phase kicks off once the content is fully approved. In this phase, our designer will create a working site design with your copy included. You’ll have the chance to weigh in and make edits.

Website Design: Go live phase for website design typically lasts a few days to a week.

The timing for this phase is determined by the lowest impact for your customers. In this phase, we will determine your go-live date and make sure all of the tech is in place to go live with minimal interruption.

A visually stunning website design featuring the word hosting phase on a vibrant pink background.

This phase starts right after your website goes live. We will make sure your site is safe and sound with us and establish your monthly payment.

Our Client Sites

You can see our work in action! We understand you don’t want to make an investment in your site without understanding what you’re receiving. Check out a few of our clients’ sites.


We are a WordPress agency, using the Elementor plugin to ensure your sites are custom and high-quality.

You’ll review the copy first, where you’ll receive 2 rounds of revisions. Once you’re given the design, you’ll receive unlimited revisions for 2-4 weeks after the site is sent to you depending on your chosen package. Any changes after that will be charged hourly.

Yep! WordPress is user-friendly, and you’ll learn to make quick edits yourself.

Yes, we do need you to either supply photos or approve for us to use stock photography on your website. However, we believe there is NOTHING better than branded photos! We offer photography for our in-state clients (located in Oklahoma) and would love to work with you to create an incredible library of photos to use not just on your website but on all of your marketing pieces. You can learn more about our branded photoshoots here.

We live in a digital world, even if you have a brick and mortar business! Your online presence is often the first impression customers have of your business before they come to see you in person or book a call with you. Let’s face it, social media can only tell a small part of what working with you looks like.There is only so much you can do to promote your value and provide a great customer experience. The goal is to direct potential customers to your website where you can prove that you are reputable and relatable to them. Also, in terms of business operations, your website can do SO MUCH to automate lead generation, tie in your CRM system, have intake forms and more!

WordPress is an open-source website content management system (CMS). It’s incredibly powerful but also easy to use for non-technical people once the site is launched. WordPress is the central platform that your website runs on,  and then we use themes, plugins, and widgets built for WordPress to enhance the functionality and look of your site.

Ultimately as a small business my best advice is to stay away from custom coded and proprietary systems. More often than not, you end up getting stuck with what your website can do, how hard it is to make updates and eventually with things breaking down and technology reaching end of life. This is not conducive to long term goals and time management efforts for small business owners. It also often puts you in a “people basket” with your business where only those original developers know how to work with your custom website. Instead, I recommend using a well established web solution such as WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, etc… Here at Oakes Creative House we prefer WordPress as our system of choice. This is because WordPress makes up about 40% of all internet websites and is highly used by developers and non developers alike. I have yet to find something that I can’t make happen within WordPress so I find it to be scalable and, with the right tools in place, can be very user friendly.

The packages listed above include a starting investment, and we can customize within each level to meet your needs. We know websites aren’t one-size-fits-all, and we work with you to identify your needs and provide a clear estimate for each project so you know exactly what to expect.

If you need more revisions or go beyond what’s included within your website package, we will charge our standard hourly rate for anything outside the quoted project scope. But don’t worry about getting hit with unexpected charges – we’ll always clearly communicate if something goes beyond the existing project scope and provide an estimate for additional cost before we do the work. 

Let’s face it: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sounds complicated and pretty scary to most business owners and nonprofits. We all want to be on the first page of Google results when somebody types in a relevant search term, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there about SEO. How do you know you’re paying for quality SEO services? And what should you expect in terms of results? 

The truth is, there is a LOT of competition on the internet for each and every industry these days. Getting results from SEO means doing more online than your competition, but it also means being realistic about your marketing budget compared to your competition’s marketing budget. If you’re in year two and they’re in year ten, it’s not a fair comparison and your SEO results will likely be different. 

Every company has to start somewhere with SEO though, and that’s why we created a Starter SEO Program to create the foundation and position you to grow your SEO efforts over time. 

SEO Plugin Installation & Base Setup

Your investment: $550

  • Configure SEO plugin with home page meta description and focus keyword
  • Submit your site to Google Search Console
  • Connect SEO plugin to Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Each additional page of your site is billed at $75 per page and includes setting the meta description and focus keyword for each page. E-commerce sites are quoted on a per-site basis with additional fees for configuring product pages for SEO. This service is available for WordPress sites only. 

I’ll give you the answer I usually hate… it depends. Ugh I know! It depends a lot on your industry, your business goals and your budget. SEO services can get expensive quickly depending on what you are trying to achieve. Ultimately though I recommend finding ways to grow your following and your viewer count organically as a proof of concept phase first. Then, investing in SEO services to add fuel to fire with content and design that you already know works!

We offer a variety of website maintenance packages to meet your needs. While we don’t require that our custom website clients host with us, most of our clients choose our hosting because it gives them peace of mind. We’ll take care of making sure your files, themes, and plugins stay up to date and ensure your site is backed up regularly and monitored for any possible issues. In addition to the peace of mind of knowing your site is current and secure, you won’t have to keep up with multiple accounts related to your site. 

See our full range of website maintenance options

I recommend setting aside time to do a quarterly review of your website to look for broken links, outdated information and new content that should be added. In addition though, I recommend having a blog or news section on your website that you can add new content to monthly. This shows your viewers and Google that you are running an active website that deserves to be seen!

The short answer… you don’t! Having a great website presence is really not about having all of the fancy effects in order to prove that you are a reputable business. Instead it’s about clarity! Customers coming to your website want to know what you do, why you are the one they should work with and how you will add value to their lives. They are looking to buy from businesses that they know, like and trust. This means it’s up to us to create a website they can find themselves in. Simple is often better when it comes to websites. An effective website is designed to lead the customer to the information they are looking for quickly and without hassle – this is what converts lookers to buyers in ½ the time!

We believe that graphic design is a communication tool used to create a shorthand look at the message you are putting out. The content drives the design. We can’t effectively design for you without first knowing what you are communicating. Every piece of graphic design done through Oakes Creative House is used intentionally and not just to make things look “pretty”. We absolutely believe that content creation with a great writer is an artform! There is strategy, philosophy and care that goes into each and every piece of website content. In our experience, the rate of conversion on a website that utilized a skilled content writer is significantly higher than ones without.

I believe that every great website should have a home page, about page, services or products page and a space to continually add updated information like a blog or news section. In lieu of a contact page, we often see that having a stronger call to action such as scheduling a call or buying a product is more effective. Within these pages there is some nuanced content that makes it sales focused vs just a photo and a paragraph. Luckily, I have a whole guide that helps you figure out these sections! Download the Sales Funnel Workbook here and use code FORTHELOVE for 50% off!

In my experience websites that don’t convert customers well are failing to connect and lacking a clear call to action. This means as business owners we need to take a few steps back and get really clear on who we are, who we are selling to, what we are selling and how! Bringing this information to light in a clear way will help viewers navigate through your website faster which leads to quicker decisions and ACTION! Make sure on your website you are actually asking them to move forward with a great call to action.

My favorite sites are the ones that use a combination of personal photos and stock photos. I feel like this mix does a good job of painting a picture of what working with you looks like, allows viewers to put a face to a name and also allows them to see photos that are diverse and inviting.

For one, peace of mind! We take on the responsibility of maintaining your website so you don’t have to.

Second, we live on a dedicated server (WP Engine)! This means your website will ONLY live on a server with fellow Oakes Creative House clients. What does this mean?

  1. We have more control of server maintenance 
  2. Faster loading times
  3. Enhanced security

Since your website only lives among other OCH websites, we have more control over the collective security and speeds. Whereas, you run the risk of one site’s bad actions negatively impacting your site on servers with many websites. That’s no good!

With these maintenance options, you can pick a package that best suits your needs and your budget. Looking for other options or a different budget? No problem, I can cater a package specifically to your needs.

With websites in content management systems such as WordPress it is absolutely critical that you keep the core files, theme files and plugins up to date. Let’s face it, this is the world wide web! Without these crucial updates, your site can experience incompatibility issues, broken links and vulnerability for hackers to swoop in and really cause some damage to your site. With these hosting packages and our dedicated server for OCH sites you can rest easy knowing that your site is safe.

Have you ever had a customer approach you to let you know that your website is down or has outdated information on it? How embarrassing is that conversation? Never have that conversation again with monthly site monitoring. I know that you have much more important things to do than to check your site every month, week or hour to make sure everything is functioning. With site monitoring alerts, we will know if there is an issue instantaneously and will fix it for you without interrupting your day.

We require a 30 day written notice for cancellation of your hosting account. Upon cancellation, you will either need to hire our team to transfer your website to your new hosting provider or transfer the website yourself. Oftentimes if you are changing service providers, they will transfer your website for no additional fee. However, please note that if they run into technical issues with the transfer, all of our time involved will be billable. We will do everything we can to be accommodating to your new hosting provider.


12 Months Paid in Full = 1 Month FREE​

Transform Your Sales Strategy!

Learn how to perfect your customer journey from first impression to retention. Gain insights from Crystal and the Oakes Creative House team through interactive sessions, expert guidance, and hands-on activities.

When: June 21, 2024, 9am-3pm

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Cost: $175

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