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Is a Website a Good Investment?

All Things Website Budgeting, Process, Accessibility & SEO

Let’s just get this out of the way…

A website will cost you a good chunk of money. Well, a sales-focused, customer-driven, well done website will cost you. Spending a piece of your marketing budget on a website is a GREAT investment when you put it in the hands of the right people.

Before you hire your website designer, we have a few tips you need to keep in mind as you search.

How to Create a Marketing Budget

Step 1: Take note of your overall income. Is it similar year to year?

Step 2: Multiply your income by 0.10.

Step 3: Marvel at all that you can do with your new marketing budget!

Of course, there is a lot you can do with a budget, but a website is one of the higher ticket items you’ll want to prepare for.

The sooner you know your budget (about 10% of your income is standard), the more prepared you’ll be for the hunt for a web designer.

Insider Tip: For a professional, sales-focused website, expect to pay upwards of $3,000.

The Website Creation Process

Every web designer you work with will have a slightly different process. For the sake of time, here’s an overview of ours:

  • Initial Call: We’ll start with a call to chat about what you want to see on your website.
  • Copywriting: YES. We write the copy FOR YOU. You’ll receive the written copy, provide feedback, and then we’ll move on to design.
  • Design: Once copy is approved, we move on to design. We’ll walk through it together to ensure your site reflects you and your business.
  • Go Live: You’ve approved the site, and now it’s time to GO LIVE! Woohoo! We’ll celebrate your new website alongside you.

Of course, there are several smaller pieces moving throughout our site design process, but this gives you a good idea of what to expect. Hiring a web agency with a process will make the project run so much smoother.

Website Accessibility

Accessibility is growing increasingly important on websites. You want to ensure EVERYONE can use your site well. By making your site accessible, you’re encouraging more people to use it. At Oakes Creative House, we’ll discuss your accessibility options with you.

Website Search Engine Optimization

Ah yes, SEO. As a business, SEO helps you position your website at the forefront of your customers’ search results. They’re more likely to relate with you and connect with you.

To put it simply, SEO can do your website a LOT of good when done correctly. But, not everyone offers it as a service. At Oakes Creative House, we offer full-fledged SEO packages as well as SEO add-ons. We’re happy to talk with you to see what meets your needs best.

When you’re investing money into your website, you want the best for your money. Websites cost money, and you want to put that money to good use!

Ask your web designer about their…

  • Cost
  • Content Creation Philosophy
  • Process
  • Accessibility
  • & SEO

Make sure you’re creating a website that works FOR you.

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