Colorful pencils arranged in a circle on a white surface, showcasing a brand you love.

Building a Brand You Love

Choosing Colors that Capture Your Essence

Your business deserves a brand that truly encapsulates who you are and what you do.

Every decision you make in regards to your branding impacts how your customers perceive you and who you attract.

From the colors, to your fonts, to the words you use, to your logo.

Everything means something.

Important Pieces of Branding

Logo: One of the FIRST things your customer sees. Does it reflect your business? Can your customers relate to and interpret it?

Tagline: This gives your customers a good idea of what your business does. Does it make sense? Is it memorable?

Voice: Some businesses thrive with a conversational tone. Others require professional language with exceptional attention to grammar and sentence structure. Where do you lie?

Imagery: From photos to icons, your imagery supplements the other pieces of your brand by setting the visual tone. Bonus points if you’re using unique photos over stock photos!

Fonts: First and foremost, they should be legible. But, there are so many fonts out there – it’s important you choose a couple that fit the vibe of your brand.

Color: Color has meaning. They make us feel something. Simply choosing your favorite color isn’t necessarily the smartest choice when trying to convey a certain message to your customers.

These pieces and more are essential for building a brand that SELLS. That being said, we could write a whole novel about the ins and outs of branding. So, for now, let’s start with…

The Psychology of Color

Like we said, colors have meaning.

In fact, colors are able to influence human behavior. Wild, right?!

You’ve probably experienced this in your daily life without noticing. Like, think about it…

We typically wear black to funerals to convey grief.
We drive on green, stop on red, and slow on yellow.
We dress in bright colors in the spring and warm in the fall.

Colors have meaning!

That’s why it’s incredibly important that you choose your colors with intention, understanding what they’re communicating to your audience.

Colors & Their Meanings

Here’s a basic understanding of what these colors exude! If you want to learn more, check out colorpsychology.com.

  • Red: Energy, strength, danger, love
  • Blue: Peace, imagination, sympathy, authenticity
  • Yellow: Warmth, cheerfulness, energy, loyalty
  • Green: Growth, fertility, peace, sincerity
  • Purple: Stability, royalty, power, mystery
  • Pink: Love, vulnerability, femininity, innocence
  • Orange: Energy, happiness, joy, determination
  • Gold: Luxury, success, royalty, generosity
  • Silver: Refinery, modernity, wealth, grace
  • Black: Strength, elegance, grief, mystery
  • White: Light, innocence, cleanliness, faith

Take a moment to look at your current logo and the colors you often use in your brand. Is it communicating what you intended?

Note your color combinations! You could be misrepresenting your business.

For example, if your primary colors are red and black, you’re especially emphasizing power and intensity. Maybe not the vibe you want to go for at a doctors office or massage clinic.

If you’re communicating the right things, yay! If not, make note to change in the future.

But, our branding tips don’t stop there…

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