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How to Start a Small Business

& Build a Brand You are Proud of

Which of the following are you?

  • Tinkering with an idea, just starting your business, not necessarily sure where to start
  • Business has started, but your branding & marketing aren’t quite where you want them
  • Owned your business for years, but you feel it may be time for some sort of refresh

Whether you’re building a business from scratch, finally building a business team, or trying to understand small business marketing, it can get overwhelming trying to make big moves while not burning out. From entrepreneur to entrepreneur, owning a business is NOT easy.

So, our first question to you is:

Do you LOVE your business?

OF COURSE your business should be filling a need and a viable money maker. But, what many of those “How to Start a Small Business” articles miss out on is emphasizing how important it is to love your business, to love your work.

Starting (& Owning) Your Own Business

Whether you are starting fresh, or years in – stop for a moment and think…

Do you love it? Do you believe in what you’re selling? If not, are you able to rekindle that love?

There will always be bad days and frustrating customers, but as long as that love is underlying, you’re golden!

Then, pause and consider: “Is this a business I am proud of?”

Brush off stereotypes and judgemental family – are YOU proud to have this business?

There are a couple factors here:

  • Are you making a living, or decent supplemental cash?
  • Is it taking time away from family, friends, and personal care? 
  • Are you kept awake, stressed by your list of to-dos?
  • Do you struggle with challenging clients or customers?
  • Are you afraid to truly put yourself out there?

You can have a business you love and still struggle with the above things, making it hard to be proud of at times. Owning your own business is HARD! But, it shouldn’t dominate all of your brain power 24/7.

How do I build a business I’m proud of?

Here are a few phrases to live by:

  • Cheaper is not always better
  • DIY is not always the answer
  • Hustle culture is not the key to success

You deserve to delegate work and seek out the help of a professional, whether that’s a project manager, accountant, marketer, or assistant.

Sure, you’re not made of cash, but if you set aside a budget for help every year, it’s like it’s free (#businessownermath)! But seriously, a budget works wonders.

Prioritize where you’re slipping most, and seek a professional in that area first. As your business grows, begin building your business team. Before you know it, you’ll be leading a business you love and are deeply proud of!

If it’s small business marketing help you need, we’d love to get to know you. Being able to help fellow business owners grow is a deep passion of ours. Just contact us, and we’ll start the conversation.

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