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Print vs Digital: How to decide!

As a marketing professional who works in both print and digital media, I am often asked by business owners, “When do I put something in print and when do I make it digital?”

The answer is simple on paper, but a bit more complicated when you try to put it into practice.

Print pieces = longevity and evergreen content
Digital = information that is ever changing

As entrepreneurs, we are often working on the fly. Tackling projects and putting out fires left and right. It can be so hard to look into the future that we often don’t. We instead concentrate on the first, immediate thing that needs to be done. 

This is where a digital space serves you. You can easily change information on a website (yes, you can!) or on your social media. This allows you to change your mind on prices you are charging, pivot virtual event dates or information and even change up your messaging while you are figuring it out. 

However, this is not a space that you, as a business owner, can thrive in long term. Eventually we wear ourselves out. We get overwhelmed and we run far away from the stressors (that we likely created for ourselves). Our customers get frustrated by how long everything is taking or the inconsistencies they see in your business. You look and feel exhausted.

This is why implementing a long term strategy and approach for your business is necessary. Of course, there is a fip side to this where you don’t want to be thinking so long term that you miss the in-the-moment opportunities for your business. Vulnerable moment? That is often my personal pitfall when it comes to my business.

Ok back to the point, when you also have a long term strategy for your business, you can work on planning ahead. This also allows you to determine what information is evergreen for your business that you will not change for a while and the information that is always changing. Maybe you aren’t going to change your services, but you might change your pricing. That is a great time to put your services in print, but leave out the prices. Encourage viewers to go to your website to find the latest pricing information. 

The most cost effective way to incorporate print in your business is to plan ahead! When you are printing anything there are set up fees involved. If you can order more prints at once the price per piece will always decrease significantly. Planning ahead in your business and with your printed pieces is the best strategy for your business bank account! Book a FREE Discovery Session to see how you could tap into the power of print for your business.

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