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Make Marketing a Routine

Have you ever wondered what the #1 mistake business owners make when it comes to marketing?

I bet you are thinking… not spending enough on Facebook ADs….
Or even… not having a good enough website…….
Or maybe… not hiring the right marketing company to do it for them.

Have you had these thoughts before? If so, I’m with you! This is what I thought at first too.

But the #1 mistake I see when it comes to marketing for entrepreneurs is that they are either treating marketing as a one time project or squeezing marketing in as a side project (sometimes) and not setting aside the time it takes to show up consistently.

Inconsistent messaging, posting once every 15 days on social media and sending out one email to your list a year is NOT going to cut it! You are competing not just with your direct competitors, but with EVERYTHING for your customer’s attention. Yes, I’m saying you are competing with Amazon, the hot new series on Netflix and their afternoon walk with the dogs. You are asking them to dedicate their time and energy to you, therefore, you NEED to be showing up for them in return. 

So, what is the magic fix?

The answer is to finally get a true handle on your schedule and your priorities. It’s the same concept as neglecting your own self care – you can’t pour from an empty cup! Let’s call it the self care of business. You can’t show up well for your customers, until you are showing up well for yourself.

Through the process of tackling your own marketing you are working to:

👉🏻 Clarify the message you are putting out
👉🏻 Clean up policy and pricing information
👉🏻 Attract the customers who are truly in line with your brand
👉🏻 Prioritize values and services within your business

Could you imagine tackling this list of important things within your business, each and every week! 

I want to challenge you to set aside at least 4 hours per week, during your normal working hours, to work on your own marketing. Trust me, you won’t even notice those hours are gone after a month or so because you will be in a routine of preparation rather than spending too much time answering the same questions and putting out fires. 

Here are a ideas for how you could do this:

  • Officially open your business an hour later, spend that same hour on your marketing efforts.
  • Set aside a “meeting free day” or “interruption free day” where you can dive into 4-6 hours straight of marketing time each week. If you have a brick and mortar store, this might mean having someone cover your customers during this time. Or, if you have a home office, this might mean finding a babysitter during that time. Or, it could mean hiring a virtual assistant for 20ish hours a month to cover your emails and field phone calls so you can create this time.
  • Schedule yourself a business retreat – check into a hotel room or go to a spot where you can truly focus. Spend several days tackling marketing projects then!
  • Take on one less, low paying project and dedicate those hours to marketing towards the right people.

You DESERVE customers who light your heart on fire 🔥 and it all starts with consistent marketing. Are you stuck trying to figure out what to do first? Book a coaching call and let’s make a plan of action!

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The Marketing Lounge

Struggling to make marketing a consistent priority? Guess what! You’re not alone. We’ve seen a lot of business owners and solopreneurs struggle with consistency in their marketing, unfortunately stripping them of immense growth and opportunity. Yikes! So, we decided to launch The Marketing Lounge, a monthly membership for entrepreneurs to continue their education and marketing with group accountability.

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