Modern duo-tone cannabis leaf logo


Experience the fusion of modern design with classic vibes in this duo-tone cannabis leaf logo, perfect for a contemporary cannabis brand.

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Let your brand stand out with a splash of color and creativity! This modern duo-tone cannabis leaf logo intertwines deep ocean blue with vibrant leaf green, resulting in a captivating visual treat. The contrast between the two shades symbolizes the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Complemented by the clean and bold typography of “SMOKEY CANNABIS CO.”, this design embodies sophistication and freshness. It’s an impeccable choice for brands that desire a youthful yet distinguished image in the cannabis industry.

This versatile design allows room for tailoring! Whether you’re envisioning a different color scheme, a tweak in the typography, or an added design element, we’re all ears to make it uniquely yours.

When you choose this design, you’re not just selecting a logo; you’re adopting a visual representation that’s distinctive and memorable in the market.


Blue, Green

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